Monday, January 10, 2011

Come To A Meeting For Our Red Line Station Improvements!

Red & Purple Modernization Project.  The CTA is proposing to make improvements, subject to the availability of funding, to the North Red and Purple Lines. The improvements are proposed in order to bring the existing transit stations, track systems, and structures into a state of good repair from the track structure immediately north of Belmont station to the Linden terminal. We want to hear from you: Attend one of the public scoping meetings to learn more about the project and provide feedback on the proposed projects. More info:

  • Uptown: Monday, Jan 24th 6pm-8:30pm St. Augustine College
  • Rogers Park: Wednesday, Jan 26th: 6pm-8:30pm New Field Primary School
  • Edgewater: Tuesday, Jan 25th: 6pm-8:30pm Nicholas Senn High School
  • Evanston: Thursday, Jan 27th: 6pm-8:30pm Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center


  1. Just an FYI if you can't make any of the meetings there is also information on the website for how to mail in your comments and suggestions.

  2. I'm out of town that week, but would certainly like to find out if this project is in addition to, or in lieu of that mysterious $3M Wilson improvement we've heard so much about.

  3. I will certainly be there and drag along as many people as I can.

    We all agree I hope that of all the stations on the line Uptown Station should be the first!

    If this is going to be much larger in scope than the aforementioned "mysterious $3 million now is the time to mention we wouldn't mind having the Purple Line stop here again.

    If we don't bring it up as a community who will?

  4. I would love to dethrone the Wilson stop as the 'Crustiest', but $3M doesn't seem like enough? Talk about mysterious.
    And to think this is the first impression one has of the 46th Ward arriving via the L, (and the 46th Ward Office?) is remarkable.

    If it ends up being only half as nice as the Addison Stop, I'd be happy.

  5. This site lists a few of the plans as "alternatives"

    Looks like there could be a whole range of plans from doing nothing to rebuilding the whole line above ground or rebuilding the whole line underground (well from belmont to loyola)

  6. Nice find, Ben. Thanks for the link.

    So - we're looking at another few years of status quo while this project works itself through the process, I'm assuming.


  7. Perhaps it's time to get the good folks from Target involved in this! A little muscle with some money doesn't hurt!

  8. One of their "alternatives" is to remove the Lawrence station (which is quite busy on the weekday mornings). What a blow to the Riviera, Aragon, and surrounding businesses that would be! This would basically cut off access to a large part of our neighborhood.

    Bad idea...

  9. Lawrence is too close to Wilson so it is essentially redundant.

    Wilson is in such poor shape the entire thing is going to be torn down in any major rehab of the station. At that time the station should be shifted north to straddle the block between Leland and Wilson so that an additional entrance on Leland can be created to serve the Lawrence riders.

    CTA should also plan to make Wilson a Purple Line transfer when it is rebuilt and included more extensive express service. That would more than make up for the loss of Lawrence.

  10. That's not a terrible plan bob, but there have never been plans announced to move the Wilson stop north towards Leland. Rather there's always been mention on moving it south towards Montrose.

  11. The entirety of existing railways between Montrose and Lawrence should be demolished to be rebuilt. This would allow a more efficient railway to be built that would speed up trains on their runs through the area, while also removing the blighted, dilapidated buildings that currently surround the Wilson stop.

  12. Ms Kitty where did you hear/see anything regarding eliminating the Lawrence stop? That entire area (Riv, Aragon and hopefully someday Uptown Theater) is predicated on having the el there.

    Surely such an idea is DOA? It would be like eliminating the Argyle St. stop. So many people from around the city seek access to both unique areas via public transportation and there is not much parking in either area to support things as it is. Both areas are examples of commercial centers that are predicated on the existence of multiple forms of public transportation. Same thing with the Southport stop on the brown line. Would anyone dream of eliminating that?

    Golly, I could go on and on...

    Is this yet another boneheaded idea, decided upon in some back room somewhere?!??

  13. Sassy, that "boneheaded idea" was just part of one proposal for fully modernizing the red line. The reasoning for station elimination is explained in the link provided by Ben. There's some give and take in each of the proposals.
    It may have been conceived "in some back room somewhere", but it seems there are four public forums where you can share your opinion.
    Your jump-to-conclusions mat is getting worn out.

  14. The distance between Southport and Paulina has to be at least twice that of Lawrence and Wilson.

    Provided Wilson was rebuilt as I described the Lawrence riders would have to walk one block south to Leland. Judging by the CTA's long neglect of the Lawrence stop and the very temporary appearance of the little work done makes it clear that they do not intend on operating it forever.

  15. Sassy - I used the link in Ben's post. Under "Alternatives," 10th paragraph down, "North Red Line" section talks about the alternative of combining stations:

    "Adding an Ainslie entrance to Argyle station and removing Lawrence station; adding a Glenlake entrance to Granville station and a Hollywood entrance to Bryn Mawr station and removing Thorndale station; and providing additional access to Howard station at Rogers Avenue and removing Jarvis station."

    I pretty sure this won't fly since Lawrence services the "Entertainment District", but stranger things have happened.

  16. Mike: As you can see from my question to Ms. Kitty, I overlooked the link contained in Ben's comment. The main blog post & link didn't offer such detailed information and I wondered where Ms. Kitty had gotten that information. Thus, I asked her if she came upon such knowledge by hearing about it elsewhere. Oftentimes, people post "insider" or "heard-it-through-the-grapevine" information here and since I had overlooked the link that is what I thought at the time.

    Thank you for pointing out that it would have been more prudent for me to say no more until I got the answer to my question first. Its oftentimes difficult to remain evenhanded and respectful to the facts at hand (and towards other people) when commenting on a blog.

    So, I'll try again.

    While public input processes are oftentimes required for legal and political reasons, their usefulness in consensus-building is not proven---especially in Chicago. Perhaps I am jaded but I haven't been too impressed with how effective local residents can be when a version of some plan or other has already been accepted by the body putting forth the "alternatives." Oftentimes the process is just something to test the waters for the favored approach. The possibility of a radically different approach that might actually have more support (not that I am saying one is warranted in this case) is seldom on the table. Time will tell if this is to be a truly open, concensus-building endeavor. I think the Lawrence el stop is integral to the future success of the Uptown Square entertainment district and I hope that my fellow residents who share my opinion will make their voices heard as well.

  17. Ok, I'm going to tell you all what needs to be done.

    First, I need a big consulting contract from the CTA paying six figures a year for little work.

    Second, during rush hour the north end of the Red Line needs to go back to "A" and "B" trains. That means trains stop at every other stop. CTA stopped doing that in the early 90's for some silly reason.

    Third, did I mention the consulting contract for me?

    Fourth, a new train stop needs to be built at Montrose going about 1 block north and having pedestrian access to Truman and Target. This should have been done during the building of Target........but NOOOOOOOOOO.

    So endeth the pandering for a consulting contract.

  18. Does anyone know why the original Red Line plans arranged for a stop at Argyle rather than the much-busier Foster? Is a Foster stop out of the qyestion now?

  19. Sassy-
    Did you say DOA- and what in the heck did you mean by that?

  20. DOA -- dead on arrival; meaning that the idea is a non-starter.

    I thought it was a common abbreviation?

  21. Here is what needs to be done. (to borrow IP's style for a moment)

    We need to show up to this meeting in force so we don't get shown-up by the other communities along the line. Our stations need to be FIRST! Unlikely they will do all of the station simultaneously.

    No consultant fee implied or expected however.

    One step at a time, it is VERY unlikely they will be checking the comment section to gauge interest or opinion.

    A STRONG showing in person would be the best possible opening salvo in what promises to be a protracted process.

    Speaking for myself, our El stations have been long neglected to be charitable, if this meeting plays out to a sparsely attended and echoing room that will be a bad bad thing.

    PLEASE SHOW UP! We need to make a stand!

    It matters....

    The link Ben provided stated that the comments period ends on the 26th. Comments can be made by email or snail mail as well, but nothing beats showing up, it has impact.


    Jeffrey Littleton

    Link courtesy of Ben: