Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brennemann School Hosting MLK Event

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  1. That's nice. It's too bad kids aren't in school Monday learning about who MLK was and what he stood for. Same goes for Pulaski Day and Columbus Day. Just sayin'

  2. Jimo... it's a federal holiday. C'mon. Unless you yourself work each and every federal holiday, I don't think you can snipe at kids (and teachers and staff) getting a day off. There are at least two events kids can attend locally (this and the commemoration at Peoples Church) to honor Dr. King.

    There's a lot to have issues with in Uptown, but this? Are you just complaining to keep in practice? ;-)

  3. Truman - youve missed my point. Kids need to be in school. Especially in the city of Chicago. I'd have to see a list of Federal holidays, but I've never been given MLK, Columbus, or Pulaski Day off.

    Not complaining either, just stating my opinion.

    PS And I'd LOVE to see how many kids attend these events. Who are you kidding....