Thursday, January 6, 2011

All That Jazz

If a day ever called for a palate cleanser, it's today. So we suggest you turn up the volume, click on the link, and enjoy the sweet sounds of jazz saxophone from Uptown's Green Mill, on December 31st, as Von Freeman and Ed Petersen perform their 16th consecutive New Year's Eve concert there. Thank you, NPR. Thank you, Green Mill.
photo courtesy of SeƱor Codo on Flickr.


  1. No, LT, click on the link and you can hear the New Year's Eve concert. It's very nice. Goes well with gin. ;-)

  2. UptownAction, you don't need a DeLorean. See, there are these new things called (let's say it together) "recording devices." And there's a radio network called "NPR." And Al Gore invented something called "the internet."

    When you put them all together, you don't need time travel. All you need to do is click on the blue links to go bacxk in time! Now, isn't that a fun and easy concept?

    But feel free to buy a DeLorean if it makes you feel snarkier. ;-)

  3. haha....thanks CN, I guess clicking links helps. I'm rocking out to it right now, the guy on piano just shredded a nice solo...

  4. That is a an awesome picture of The Green Mill's sign!