Wednesday, December 22, 2010

When Out On My Lawn There Arose Such A Clatter...

A reader writes:  "Approximately 12:20am, I heard some noise on the street, when I got up to look out my window I found a combination of police cars and SUVs, total of 6, out my window [on the 1300 block of Wilson]. The police completely shut down Wilson Avenue with vehicles so no thru traffic was allowed.

It looked like a few of the police formed a perimeter around the area and kept a lookout for lookers walking by.

They pulled some guy out of his car while he yelled, "This is my car, this is my car!"  They cuffed him and searched the car. Apparently, the police arrested the driver and took the car to the garage at 23.

At one point, there were 12 police officers on the scene."

Update:  A reader tells us that "a couple of kids stole a car at Montrose and Beacon and the owner saw them and flagged down a police car who was patrolling on Montrose. The officers followed the car and turned on the blue lights and followed them around the block and through a few alleys calling for backup on the radio. Thankfully they arrested the kids and the owner gets his car back and nobody got hurt."


  1. I could just see what was happening from my view... At one point the LEOs had one of the perps face down in the snow while they cuffed him.

    That was sweet to see.

    Good job CPD! Sounds like an appropriate number of cops to pursue and stop these car thieves.

  2. Hell yeah CPD!! Thumbs up to kickin' ass in Uptown. Keep it up!