Friday, December 17, 2010

Watch Who You Let Into Your Building

Sad to say, the holiday season brings out the Grinches: Thieves ring a lot of doorbells in a multi-unit building until someone buzzes them in, then they swipe the packages that have been left in the lobby. It happened last year, and it's happening again. From a reader:

"Earlier this week I was walking down Montrose and I saw a cardboard box near the curb between two cars. I was expecting a pair of shoes that I ordered online, and I had a feeling to look at the box. It was addressed to me, but it was ripped open and the shoes were nowhere to be seen.

I live in a building that doesn't have a doorman, but one resident knows when UPS comes and always brings all of the packages in for the whole building. There must have been a short lag time between when packages were dropped off, because someone walking down Clarendon came into the lobby of my building, stole my package and dumped the box on Montrose and left with my shoes.

Long story short-- a lot of people are ordering things online now, especially with the holidays so near. Just beware that there are people taking packages from lobbies of unattended buildings."

Please remind your neighbors not to let anyone in unless they know who it is.


  1. Simple solution: Have a building person accept the items, or ship them to your job or family member location. This is the time of year to expect scams, street stick ups when parking the car, break in, burglary, fraud, confidence games, you name it. Never buzz anyone unknown into the building and caution your fellow residents against this sort of activity.
    Stay safe!


  2. i dont trust that and its frustrating getting the info notices. i have everything shipped to my work.