Wednesday, December 22, 2010

'Tis The Season For Tagging

As if our poor Wilson station could look any worse, at least one new, giant tag is covering the right side of the former entrance to Popeyes. We also spotted the same tag on the southernmost section of the McJunkin Building next to Aldi and also one of the Wilson Yard storefronts (above). Hopefully once all of the new street lighting is turned on, it will be a bit harder for these morons to deface our streets. Can the $3Million rehab start any sooner?


  1. I walked to the Sheridan station today so I could drop off library books and there were several new tags, including the north wall of Graceland Cemetery and the buildings across from Wilson Yard.

    Does anyone else find it all the more infuriating that the tags are either scribbles or nonsense like "Clam Chouder," You Selling Secret," and "Chunk!"?

  2. Wow, that's a pretty exposed and busy area. There has to be SOME camera somewhere that caught that act.

  3. My worst thing regarding the tags: it's ugly, uncreative tag b.s. and not actual good street art.

  4. I seen some punks tag a building by the park here and it did not take but a few minutes to make a pretty big display of gang art. I wonder even if the cops could catch these punks what is done to them if anything at all.

  5. No its "You selling secert"

    Still looks better
    IMHO without that Popeyes sign.
    Because it looks like it has potential.

    Uptown is up and coming
    dont you know.......
    Im voting for Uptown
    in the neigborhood curbed election.