Sunday, December 12, 2010


A reader writes:  "Howdy UU.  I noticed today, across my alley, that a building in the 4400 block of Magnolia has sprouted Solar Panels.

There's been such a tremendous amount of trouble in this immediate area, so I was encouraged and a bit baffled to see such a 'green' improvement in the area.  Makes a lot more sense than a random Fish Farm."


  1. Why be baffled?
    Uptown is a nice area overall
    its got its share of problems,
    but its got a great location.

    It will just take awhile to
    take care of the problems that
    have plagued Uptown of late.

    Despite the violence and gangwarfare
    all other indicators point to
    a continual improvement and
    investment INTO Uptown....

    Alot of good things going on
    there in Uptown which I can see from this Blog and with my own two eyes....

  2. Nice to see. Anybody know of city, state, national grants for residential buildings that want to go green by installing solar panels, wind turbines or other green elements?

  3. Wilson Yard TIF money folks. This is a VOP bldg that got new everything except some of their gang banger tenants. There should have been some strings attached to the money such as no one with a criminal record can liver there but alas that was not the case.

  4. Is that true Cowboy? WY TIF money for this?

  5. There are grants and/or fund programs available however, I don't know where to point you for discovering more about them (sorry). These water heating panels are much more effective than the photovoltaic type. Especially in Chicago.

  6. Solar panels!? Really? I live nearby and know this building had a TON of masonary work done to it this fall. Now they get solar panels to boot?! Nice to know my tax dollars (yes, I'm an evil condo owner) are going to upgrade a building to this extent for known gangbangers who live in the building! Yeah, I know its not the whole building but there are gang bangers who live there! While the Wilson eL stop crumbles, money is poured into these subidized housing projects. Pathetic mis use of TIF money and our hard earnend money. Just fed up with it.