Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Shots Fired Near Wilson/Broadway

We're hearing from quite a few readers who heard 10-13 gunshots fired around 3:08 this morning.  There are conflicting reports about it happening near Wilson and Broadway, on the platform of the Wilson Red Line station, and near Leland and Sheridan, so information is sketchy right now.

Please leave any further information in the comments.


  1. So here's a question for the idiots who posted last week that if neighbors were just a little kinder to the gangbangers, the problem would resolve itself, and that calling 911 when there's gang violence will ruin the poor thugs' lives:

    What's the proper apres-driveby etiquette?

    - Are warm cocoa and gingerbread appropriate to serve after a bitterly cold night of gang warfare on the community streets?

    - A hearty slap on the back and a caution to the driver of the getaway car to be sure to buckle up, and have plenty of gas in the tank, just in case those mean old cops chase their vehicle?

    - A hearty "well done, you!" to the shooter who managed to hit someone? Perhaps a card of appreciation? Carolers singing hymns of praise for waking up the neighbors and frightening them... too much?

    - A stern warning from the block club to anyone who inconsiderately got in the way of the bullets or happened to park in such an unneighborly place that his car got in the way of the bullets?

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  2. Maybe I'm just confused, but how about if the gangbangers were kinder to ME? I'm not the one robbing or shooting anyone.

    Possibly we could hand out marksmanship awards, or instead of calling it "robbery", we could call it a "Christmas bonus".

    There's all kinds of things we could do to reward folks for being dangerous, violent knuckleheads, so let's get started, people! Time's a-wasting!

  3. I'm all about "Hug-a-Thug"... These aren't violent animals. They are simply misunderstood children who desperately need a hug and a mother's love and a father's discipline! Never mind that a large section of the population has grown up in a broken home, with violence, poverty and drugs and yet most manage to grow up to be law abiding citizens. These guys obviously just need a hug!

    I will be hosting yoga sessions to warm up everyone's arm muscles for the "Hug-a-Thug-athon" as well as strength training for legs (in case running is required). Participants will receive a free Kevlar vest, just in case the hug does not bring forth the desired "Good Will Hunting" moment and instead turns into a scene from "The Wire."

  4. These gangbangers are out at nearly 4AM in this frigid cold? That is scary that these thugs are that determined to kill someone at that hour & in this weather. The gangbangers have the mentality of terrorists and perhaps that is what they are urban terrorists. Broadway/
    wilson is the center of the madness it is the "ground zero" of Uptown urban warfare.

  5. I live in between those locations and although I woke up out of a deep sleep, I only heard 3 or 4 shots at exactly this time (3:08am). They sounded like they came from approximately Leland and Sheridan. Immediately after the last shot was fired I heard tires screeching and a car zooming off, pretty sure down Sheridan (although unclear whether it was northbound or southbound).

    Does anyone have surveillance cameras near Leland & Sheridan? I would imagine you would be able to see something.

    Also, sadly, I simply went back to sleep. Another night in Uptown...

  6. I was awake and heard 12 gunshots at 3:09 or 3:10. It was something like 7 (pause) 3 (pause) 2. I didn't hear tires or any other noise and it sounded to be more towards Broadway than Sheridan and likely between Wilson and Leland. I called the police.

  7. Does anyone have any more info about it.

    Dog wakes me up at 2:50 am to pee and we're outside. He's done business and now refuses to come in. I decide to teach him a lesson and pretend to leave. I leave the gate and walk down Sheridan towards Wilson. I reach the corner and hear a long burst of gunfire a short pause and a couple more. Total of ten or twelve shots.

    I'm running back to my house and another woman takes refuge in my yard. She saw a dark 4 door car with writing on the window carrying three or four people in it drive north on sheridan. Yes, I called the cops and I told them everything.

    With so many shots, I'm surprised there aren't pictures or at least more stories.

  8. Our lovely gang bang scumbags were out only for a short time last night, but enough time to jump out of 2 cars (one shooter in each one), and then proceed to fire off 5-6 shots a piece. The shots were infront of 4616 N kenmore. Shockingly, the perps were two black males aprox 16-25 years old wearing all black clothes. The two cars (one was black with spoiler on the back) and the other was a jalopy light colored car. They did not tear out, they actually drove calmly North on Kenmore. I did call 911 and tried to take a video of the perps and them driving away, but happened too quickly.

  9. I was just thinking on Monday, coming home through the cold, that the crime rate must go way down on these super-cold days/nights.

    The best solution I can think of, and I know it's not feasible for most, is to move out. Let them have the neighborhood. Otherwise (and this is also not probably feasible) is to send a message loud and clear that gangbangers are not welcome in this neighborhood.

    When I saw/see people litter on the street, I loudly call them out about it. I usually say "HEY! THERE'S A TRASH CAN A BLOCK AWAY!" If they comply, I say thank you politely. If they don't, I say something insulting to them that I won't bother writing here. Either way, they know that their behavior will not be ignored. Criminals thrive on the fact that people are afraid of can't force someone to toss their trash away, but you can make it more difficult for them to casually do it.

    Of course, this is a minor offense compared to gunfire, which is why I say that it's probably not feasible for people to arm themselves and "shoot back," especially since bangers are firing at other bangers, not the general populace. Still, there is a trickle-down or -up effect. The kid who litters his candy wrapper at age 10 will be the one firing on the street at 15 because he knows that even if there are eyewitnesses, people will either be too scared to testify or believe in that stupid "Stop Snitching" credo.

    That's all I can think of...too bad Charles Bronson is dead or else we could hire him to come in and "clean house."

  10. Look, it's not difficult, if you see something shady, call the police. If you think you see something shady, call the police. If you hear gunfire, call the police. If you see someone standing on one corner when you leave for work, and they're still standing on that corner when you come back from work, they're selling drugs, call the police. I don't see what the confusion is. CALL THE POLICE. It's their job to protect and serve. They will only do so to the extent that we call them to inform them of what's happening in OUR neighborhood.

    Which brings me to another point: IT'S OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! We pay the taxes, so we get the benefit of saying how it goes. By standing by idly, we're saying that it's okay for people to shoot others, sell drugs, etc.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! If you see someone throw trash on the ground, say something to them. What's the worst they'll do, say "fuck you," and walk away? Chances are they'll be so embarrassed that they'll just do whatever you request and go about their business. The same goes with everything else.

    BOTTOM LINE: Call the police and speak up!

  11. Chicago - When I called people out on littering, most people picked up the litter without looking me in the eye and quickly threw it away properly, looking ashamed.

  12. A comment on crime vs. time of day...

    This crap goes on 24/7. I live by Sunnyside Mall and leave for work around 5:30am and a couple of times have walked out of the building to see drug deals going on right in front of my building. The bangers are just as surprised to see me as I am to see them at that time but I know crime never rests.

    Just think in the last couple of weeks there was a shooting around 9am in the mall, shootings around Wilson around 1,3,4pm, the Halloween shooting around 5:30pm. and shootings between 3-5am. The cold of night, the light of day, and fancy lights around the Wilson L stop isn't going to stop anything.

  13. what the f is at 4616 n kenmore for thugs to be shooting at?

  14. People......let's wait for the voice of reason's respond!

    I've 'Googled' it, but for some reason, there is no comment from Helen.

  15. At BrianH- so they just exited the cars and started shooting just for the hell of it? Were they aiming their guns at anyone? Or anything?

  16. Local Trash Update

    well yesterday 12/15/10
    I threw away the beleagured plastic trash can that sat outside the empty office on winthrop around the corner from the chase at lawrence and winthrop.

    It was a nice gesture to have a trash can outside that office, but it was usually overfilled mucho, so whats the point if no one if going to empty it. It was thrown in the chase parking lot in the snow.

    So I threw out the plastic trash can
    and a couple of bottles and junk last night.

  17. Here's a question for TrumanSquareNabr, what is the point of your post?