Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Okay, Uptown, Let's Practice Voting

The website Curbed Chicago is holding a contest for its readers' Neighborhood of the Year.  Last week Uptown won a Cinderella victory over River North.  Now, in the semi-finals, we're pitted against Logan Square.  Wanna weigh in?  Vote here.

Update:  Uptowners stuffed the ballot box and advanced to the finals, next week against the South Loop.  Enjoy your long weekend, and come back ready to vote again.


  1. Logan Square really is a mess compaired to Uptown. It has more gang shootings and crime then Uptown. The streets look pretty diry from what I seen as I drive by also. Uptown looks and operates 100% better then Logan Square. Let vote to claim victory.

  2. In the classic western "The Searchers" there was a glorious line:

    'Brethren, we must go amongst them!'

    Well Uptown Brothers and Sisters we must go amongst them.

    Vote Early. Vote Often.

  3. I've been practicing my vote all evening long.

    I encourage others to do so as well.

    Goooooooo UPTOWN!

  4. Keep on voting- beat out the hipsters!

  5. The Curbed techies found rampant cheating at their NYC site last week on their NYC Cup vote.

    So let's all just vote once. Maybe twice if you vote from home and work. Otherwise we shall get caught and go down to an ignominious defeat. Plus their poor techs will have to add up the real v unreal vote.

    The horror........ the horror.

    The total vote is now over 1000 and I suspect there has been some creative voting going on by both sides.

    I can just see PJ Jaulus's tiny, sweaty fingers furiously voting for Logan Square just to show the anonymous UU types that Jesus doesn't love us.

  6. Well folks, I guess Uptown stole more votes than Logan Square and we advance to the finals next week.

    Our opponent?

    Da Sout Loop.

    They have a UU like website called "Sloopin" and shall prove to be a tough competitor.

  7. The editor of Curbed Chicago is asking for some suggestions as to what pic to use for Uptown in the final round of voting.

    Right now it's the defunct Popeye's.

    Any ideas?

  8. Perhaps a picture of the Green Mill or the Aragon Ballroom would do Uptown well on the Curbed site.

  9. IP.. how about a photo from Montrose Harbor looking back onto the highrises? or just Montrose Harbor... ANYTHING but that stupid Fu..... Wilson Stop chicken store