Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Now That The Clark Streetscape Is Complete...

Now that the Clark streetscape is complete, we hope you all will return (if you already haven't) to show your support to the businesses that were affected by the construction.
Why not stop by Anna Maria Pasteria for some tiramisu or Tiztal Cafe for an oatmeal shake or breakfast potatoes? Perhaps you are craving pad thai from Thai on Clark or some enchilladas from El Ranchito? Maybe a Leland Chicken Sandwich from Cousins Restaurant or a Chai Latte from Ch'ava could tempt you? How about all-you-can-eat sushi from Blue Ocean or chicken cacciatora from Ceres' Table? The possibilities are endless so let's get out there and support our Uptown businesses on Clark, and all over Uptown for that matter!


  1. No love for Carol's Pub? lol

    Just discovered The Cousins restaurant recently, it's really good! I hope they survive. And of course Ranchito is a staple..

  2. Or try the tiramisu at The Cousins restaurant, it is to die for! I ordered a whole sheet of it to share with my family on thanksgiving day!

  3. Hmmmm...no mention of the plethora of boutiques which are among the mainstays of the Clark St. commercial culture.

    Hint hint guys - Christmas is coming. After checking out the food + drink joints, why not stop at, oh, say, the perfume store on Clark near Wilson and pick up a nice designer fragrance package for the lady in yor life?

  4. I love Anna Maria's.

    And of course, NO kudos to Helen.

  5. I NEVER go out for pasta or Italian. On an absolute whim I tried the broccoli with garlic sauce linguine at Cousins a few weeks ago.....BLEW MY FRICKIN' MIND!!! The atmosphere there is also great, very low key and quite. Good place for a date or after work chill dinner. I may have to divide my local restaurant obsessions between Three Harmony, Alma Pita and now Cousins.

  6. How about Manny's that old man bar..."where friends meet friends"...hehehe.

    I would like to give a thumbs up to Ranchito for filling their "seen better days" planters with some little pine trees. I think there was a post about those a while back.

    And if all you have ordered there are the Burritos and tacos (tasty) also try the Caldo de Res. Basically Mexican Beef Stew, its savory and served with piping hot corn tortillas you tear up and toss it in like crackers...good stuff!