Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Option For Indian & Thai Cuisine Now Open

A rave review from a UU reader:
"Masala, a new Indian & Thai restaurant in Uptown at Argyle and Sheridan (1002 W Argyle), has just opened. I stopped by for lunch today and one of the owners, Lucky, was splitting his time between interviewing a potential waitress, answering phone calls and shooing away teenagers loitering nearby, but he still made sure the customers were happy. The chicken masala (lunch specials daily from 11-3 for $6.95) was surprisingly flavorful, and unlike many other places' lunch menus, was a generous portion of succulent, all-white, boneless meat. It's clean and nicely lit inside, with friendly staff, and I hope to see its tables full soon. We're especially short on Indian cuisine hereabouts, so it's a welcome addition to Argyle. Please urge UU readers to come support this new neighborhood business."


  1. Awesome. If this place competes with Devon ave I'll make the owner rich! The only other Indian around is Shan on Sheridan just south of Foster. They're good but a bit on the oily side. The atmosphere is cool though, it feels like your stepping into an Indian/Pakistani market/restaurant somewhere in the middle of Rajasthan or Karachi.

    Damn I love me some Indian food! Any females ever in need of a dinner date involving Indian cuisine, I'm your guy. I could eat Indian every night for a month. Taking "lonely heart applicants".....NOW!

  2. I'm excited about his place as well, and have been anxiously looking forward to their opening. Had a nice little crowd at 7:00 when I got home this evening.

    PS - There is an Indian restaurant on Bryn Mawr next to the el that is BYOB. It's very good as well. That's where I have been going for my Indian fix for the past two years.

  3. I was pretty impressed with Marigold the other night (just north of Lawrence on Broadway). I've not had a lot of Indian food experiences, but was surprised it wasn't mentioned.

    This lunch special sounds awesome!

  4. A friend and I tried Masala last night. The food was really good, the portions were generous, and it was pretty inexpensive. Both owners (husband and wife) came by to say hi and chatted for a bit. Nice decor too. I'm really glad to see them here and hope everyone will come out to support them.

  5. Awesome! Can't wait to try it. I hope they do well and maybe they can help with the loitering that occurs on Argyle and Sheridan.

  6. By BF and I went there for lunch today. I had the chicken masala lunch special and he had the pad see ew. The pad see ew was excellent. Good portion too. The masala was good, but nothing special, and the naan was spongy. It's as if they bought it from the grocery store and put it in the microwave to soften it. Wasn't too happy about that. I'm also disappointed that they don't have chicken makhni, my favorite Indian dish. I'd go back to try different dishes, but I won't order the masala again. And hopefully the naan will improve.