Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hot Stuff

Huh, we learn about Uptown from the weirdest places... who knew a Chicago's Best segment about chili would tell us that the Uptown firehouse is the busiest house in the whole city, and the fifth busiest in the country?

We're also intrigued that one of the firefighters there is Steve Bezazian. We know the Harold Bezazian Library was named after an Uptown resident who was a war hero, so we wonder if there's a connection. Uptown History, better learning through chili.


  1. Engine 83/Truck 22/Ambo 31 are all busy companies with great guys who serve Uptown. But this is no where near the busiest house in the city. In fact I'm sure "Woody" Woodville had a good chuckle when he heard that considering his house Engine 44/Truck 36/Ambo 83 is a WAY WAY busier house (412 N. Kedzie).

    To say Uptown has the busiest companies in the 9th district and possibly North of Irving Park Rd would be more honest. Regardless guys who are not workers don't last long in this house.

  2. I love these firefighters.

    I would guess they're pretty busy by all the firetrucks I hear :)