Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gunfire AGAIN; Shooting Victim In Critical Condition

Several readers are reporting hearing 5-8 gunshots at Wilson and Broadway shortly after 1pm.  Sirens heard responding.  What the HELL is going on?  Remember that this is just a few hundred feet from Stewart School, full of little kids.

Readers with scanners are telling us someone was shot and witnesses are ID'ing the shooters as Latino men in a blue conversion van.

Update:  Confusion over where the shooting took place.  We're hearing Broadway and Sheridan, Broadway and Wilson, and "Broadway and Kenmore."  Now we're hearing a 'copter circling overhead.  Giving the CPD a lot of credit for quick responses to this.  The victim is being taken to Illinois Masonic.

Update:  A reader tells us that the victim was shot at the SW corner of Kenmore and Wilson, and that Wilson Avenue is shut down while police do their thing.  Stay clear of the area if you can.  It is unbelievable to us that someone shot bullets just feet from a school full of children.  ABC7 is on the scene.

Update:  Chicago Breaking News is covering the story and says the victim was critically wounded.  Wilson Avenue is a terrible mess with the street closure by the investigating police, so stay away if possible.  The police gave the okay to release the children from Stewart School, but to send them down Broadway, not Kenmore, to keep them away from the crime scene.

UpdateCBS2 is covering the story.  Traffic is still messed up on Wilson; CTA buses are being rerouted on Broadway.  No further word on the victim's condition.  Nothing at all from Ald. Shiller's office on three people being shot within a block of her office in the past three days, although if you want to know about LIHEAP grants and snow routes (none of which are in the 46th Ward), be sure to visit

Update:  Crime scene tape will be taken down as soon as a fire truck gets there to wash the victim's blood away at Kenmore and Wilson.


  1. I heard it, it sounded like 10 shots fired very quickly. I called 911, though I couldn't tell where the shots were coming from, I am on Hazel & Windsor and it sounded very close, like they were coming from Uplift. The police scanner is all over it. So scary.

  2. I'm home today and figured something was up when I noticed about 6 police cars racing up that way. Listening to the scanner online but it's a city-wide scanner, so it's tough to hear details from that specific area among all the other calls.

  3. Ret Police guy, thanks for the soul-crushing comment. Thanks for proving that even community internet sites are filled with optimism-screwing people.

  4. I'm at Wilson and Sheridan and was in the back of my apartment building when I heard them. Sounded like they came from Wilson and Sheridan or Wilson and Kenmore.

  5. I posted on the FB site. my wife called to tell me that the person hit was on Wilson near Kenmore, that person was talen to Il Masonic. We have cops in copters, an ABC 7 newstruck, and Stewart is on Lockdown.(Only because a citizen called the school to let the principal know what had happened.) Usually this stuff is happening @ latenite but this stuff is now starting to happen in broad daylight. I was listening to the news yesterday and some of the Cabrini people who moved into Uptown were suprised at the shooting going on up here.

  6. Yippie the Latino Gangs have arrived!!!!

    The sad part is when I am sitting at my desk trying to work and I hear a prolonged helicopter buzz I know to log on to UU because that means some violence has gone on.

    Never fails.

  7. It's not surprising Stewart School didn't know about the shooting right out their front door until a citizen called. The same thing happened with the Dover/Sunnyside shooting and Stockton. Call CPS Incident Manager Abby Meyers at 773-534-9916, let her know you are concerned there is not an adequate notification process betwwen CPD and CPS. The schools cannot rely on Shiller's office to inform them when an incident occurs, which happens to be the process in place. Then call Shiller 773 878 4646 and bitch. Yes, nothing will happen, but let's make her life a little more uncomfortable. Hell, let's jam the phone lines!!

  8. Dear Helen:
    Like it or not, violence is going to HAVE to become your issue before you leave office.

    The 46th Ward

  9. I know that my comment will be unpopular but here it goes. The only way for this thing to to stop is for the gangs to move out of the neighborhood. I dont care where they go so long as they dont stay here. And the only way to do that is by putting pressure on the landlords. Everyone knows where gang members live and who they are. Start by sending massive emails to the landlords or massively call them everyday until they throw them out. trust me noone wants his phone lines tied up everyday. i am willing to create a website where everyone is free to post pictures of gang members , pictures of the buildings and pictures and addresses of the landlords.that will include pictures of people actually buying drugs in the neighborhood including lisence plates. I am willing to contribute money towards the purchase of security cameras that can be mounted around a whole block. costco is selling them for $400 all you need is a Pc on someones house. Pressure is the only thing that will work.

  10. ok, the latinos want to engage in a turf war now too. we have got to stop this before it escalates even more. don't let their targets (the normal bangers you see loitering) loiter. don't let this be a desirable area for gangs to control - call on drug deals; call on prostitutes. call 911 on EVERYTHING.

  11. At gt, your comments shouldn't be unpopular on here if people care about ending this nonsense. I've never seen Uptown this bad and I've lived here off and on since 1988.Yet,people are STILL going to say that the south and west sides are worst-true,but it doesn't mean anyone should take what's going on over here lightly.

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  13. GT - i like your comment and like the idea of your website too. another part of the website could be places that readers want other readers to call 911 on - like graffiti, etc.

  14. We need more low income housing. That fixes everything.

    Ask Helen.

  15. Hey GT, I am totally willing to call landlords. I say post the addresses and numbers.

  16. Do we have a better description of the van. There was a dark blue van (no side windows) double parked on Magnolia around noon with 2 hispanic guys just eating lunch but there were no signs on the side of the van and it seemed like an odd place to stop and eat. It looked like they were watching the Stockton Pre-K bldg. or one of the V of P bldgs up the road.

  17. Sweet, more shootings! This should be great for Target's business. Get it? Target?

    Don't the animals hibernate in the winter season? Guess not...

  18. I wish I had a magic bullet to solve all these shootings.

  19. @Cowboy - it was a dark navy blue Pontiac van - no windows along the body - but just the driver / passenger windows... it was being chased by a late model burgundy conversion van with multiple windows on the side (North on Kenmore). That van also had some type of white painted design on it. Told all this to the two detectives working the case - maybe you should call District 23 HQ with the info about them on Magnolia 312-744-8322.

    Shiller's done. We need to come up with questions for each of the candidates running for the 46th Ward Alderman... pose the same tough questions to each of them and post those answers somewhere. We need CHANGE in this neighborhood!

  20. I have said it in the past and I will say it again. I think the violence is the biggest topic in the race for alderman. In order to get commercial business and resturants interested in moving into uptown we need to change the violence and what better than a guy who has been a chicago cop and working on a high crime, gang target response team. For this reason alone, people should really focus and look into what Michael Carrol can do for the community. I think there are a few worthy candidates, but since Michael knows how to combat the issue he has my vote and I would hope others consider. At least here what he has to say.

  21. GT's absolutely right! Everyone: Post phone numbers, email and pictures of gang related activity, people and cars. If you see ANYTHING, 911, then post phone #s and email. Then call, call, call and email them to death. We have to make it uncomfortable for the gangs to be here.

  22. I'm telling you, we need the freakin' National Guard here, standing at the problem intersections in Uptown with semiautomatic weapons slung over their shoulder. The thug life that prevails here is totally out of control.

  23. I just made my call to HQ. This website should be where we post suspicious activities, people and vehicles. I think this website should also be where the candidates are invited to ask the tough questions. If we can't use this site, why does it exist except to kvetch.

  24. Helen, you are receiving a paycheck through May, DO YOUR JOB!

  25. gt -

    Excellent idea. I'd beg to differ though that many people actually know who the bangers are or where they exactly live. So, getting a site up that lets all of us document who, what, where, when is great. This could help the police out tremendously as well. We could also organize "mass call" days where we decide on a couple properties and call the management companies in mass to put real pressure on.

    @ Meg -

    911 is reserved for emergencies. Graffiti removal can be done here:

    The response time is actually pretty quick however you have to be very specific or make multiple reports because they remove exactly what you report, unfortunately not everything within the area. If you see taggings that are 10 feet apart, reporting just one assuming the other one will be seen and removed probably will not get both removed.

  26. @ MFM...

    "...welcome to the future".

    Sorry for making that devastating and "soul crushing" comment.

    I thought you had thicker skin. My bad.

  27. "The schools cannot rely on Shiller's office to inform them when an incident occurs, which happens to be the process in place."

    I did not know that. Very scary.

  28. Mr. Big City Retired Cop:

    Got a plan? I'm thinking about voting for Mike Carrol just based on him having been a cop but I haven't actually heard any plan from him.

    What would you do as Alderman?


    As you vote, think about the candidate that will work with you to help lead the Ward ahead.

    After the election, work WITH your choice OR the new Alderman to clean this Ward up.

    Good Luck to us all...

  30. According to a Lieutenant on the scene, the victim was a 35yo black male, shot three times through and through, and there was only one shooter. I haven't yet reviewed the incident report, however I did see a total of eight bullet casings marked by yellow cards in the taped off intersection at Kenmore and Wilson.

  31. Organized and unorganized crime wants Uptown turf, badly. There's nothing left in the S and W sides, so Uptown/Rogers Park is 'ripe for picking'. I wouldn't even trust Edgewater anymore until Uptown is secured.

  32. I think the police should leave the usual vagrants nears Wilson Mens Club alone & concentrate on the young gangbangers. I have noticed many police activity involving the local winos & homeless. I understand there an inconvenience but doesn't the 23rd District have more important things to due?

  33. @ big city police guy: I believe what you said towards me was intended as a put down. As "ooh, so sensitive."

    1. People come to this blog at all different levels of urban and violence-exposure levels. A seasoned veteran, as you appear to be, may be entitled to cynicism and darkly humorous doom predicting but to someone not so experienced, what you say may offend, scare or anger those not so cynical and nihilistic about their neighborhood.

    2. Your comment was minutes after the shooting took place when victims were still unknown, children in two schools near the site were still in session and even the fact that it was a drive-by or at least that the perpertrators were in a van wasn't known. I could've easily expected the gunmen to run down my alley and seek cover in my back parking lot near my door.

    Such comments at that time are uncaring and desensitized and selfish to me and the others in the direct area affected.

    3. Once again, this is a neighborhood blog where almost everyone who posts has a vested interest (property, business, personal) in what happens around here. Therefore I have a hope (be it a hopeless hope, I don't know or care) that the people onboard with the comments would be more proactive and concerned about each other such as the poster on Facebook who advised a commenter to have his wife stay indoors instead of going outside to check out what had happened even though it was blocks away.

    Hence my strong words and stronger thoughts about your statement. And you have absolutely no knowledge about me nor my experiences nor the thickness of my skin.

    I harbor no ill will towards you with these statements... I was just sincerely disappointed with your immediate reaction to such a crime.

  34. @MicroFiber Militia - I commend your post to BCP (Ret.) sometimes the PAST is the "problem" - complacency and pensions are a safe bet for some. We need to ignore their attitude and actively participate in the change that's needed in Uptown.

  35. americanlt -- if you let the little things fly, the bangers see good territory for the taking.

  36. @ LTKTAL, Thanks!

    I'm easily swayed into cynicism (ask me about politics) but when my direct home is being effected (which I consider the two blocks around me, sadly), I get really upset.

    IMHO, it does no good, besides the cathartic effect of venting frustration, to condemn the people some call "animals" or just predict the oncoming doom of the neighborhood.

    We need solutions we can actively do besides voting for alderman (though outside of this blog, I think that's a BIG thing to advocate) and bitching about the causes.

    That's one of the reasons I like this blog opposed to other neighborhood ones because it's both a celebration of Uptown and an encouragement to protect it.

    I love this area and the diversity (and more importantly, the numerous dog parks, dog friendly areas near my house). I don't want to flee and I don't want the good people (black, white and latino) to be scared away or scared into their homes by this.

  37. How ironic....I JUST pondered in a comment last night, that so much #%!* seems to happen within a close radius of the 46th Ward Office.

    Helen, when the Hell are you going to step up to the plate and make an attempt to address these common 'events'?

  38. @ americalt and meg,

    I'm more on America's side with this.

    The alley I'm on has lots of drunks hanging out, pretty much daily (though less recently). Bothersome, yeah. But when my neighbors' birds were stolen from the back porch of our property, I was able to get information out of them because they're there.

    I got more info and help out of them than I did the police.

    I think they're less likely to harm others (not COMPLETELY unlikely) and potentially useful sources of information.

    They should be utilized differently (some arrests, some investigation into the centers they live in, also whether or not they're some of the users that keep the dealers on the streets), than the gangbangers.

    (sorry for all the comments, this is the 2nd shooting this week that's been within 200 feet of my home and it has me fairly energized and up in arms about it)

  39. Microfiber, thats what I was thinking these homeless folks probably have information because they are always lingering on the street at all hours. I am not the police but i do have street knowledge & can easily pick out the dope dealers and/or gangbangers. I can post crime stats for North Side neighboroods but won't & say Uptown is getting worse not better.

  40. I don`t know what all you people think Helen can do. Everytime a gun is shot off or any type crime is done everyone thinks Helen has magic powers to stop it. Lets face it you all be better to call 911 or the one in charge of our police station and voice your complaints to them as they are the ones that have the power to stop it. Not a Alderman.

  41. I just passed Lawrence and Sheridan and there were 8 police vehicles lining up the bangers against the building. Yeah for the police! Law abiding citizens have to have THEIR rights protected. We contribute to society and don't take, take, take. We should be able to walk without fearing for our lives. This loitering has to STOP. Thank you officers.

  42. I can say that it's either moving more into the Wilson/Sheridan neighborhood or it's getting worse.

    I'm sorry, but I honestly care more about crime when it effects the two-three blocks around me. In the past 6 months, it's gotten a lot worse. I hear more gunshots at night or day (recently), I'm a frequent 911 caller this past week, and see a lot more obvious gang behavior.

    @ meg esp. I also know that it's been proven that neighborhoods that crack down on lower priority crime (drunks, pros, graffiti, loitering, littering) typically see a lowering of the big time crime.

    I see myself as slightly biased towards the drunks in my alley since they are kind to my dog, me and helped me in the previously mentioned bird incident.

    So Meg, I agree with you but think there must be some way to do the same increase of enforcement yet utilizing the people in the neighborhood.

  43. WISEGUY, but as an elected government official, she has a responsibility to inform, respond and make efforts to repair the damage that has been done to the area. Even notices when violence has happened or press releases when the violence makes the news about what people can do (911, witnesses following through, the typical post 9/11 "see something, say something"), would make a political difference but more importantly a neighborhood difference that would imply that she's AWARE of the violence effecting her constituents. Even vague recognition would improve her standing a bit within the neighborhood.

    No hope for a magic bullet causing all crime to stop but at least a calculated political move (seeing that it's in her best interest, career-wise) to acknowledge the violence would improve relations

  44. Wiseguy, get a clue.

    She is the elected leader of this neighborhood. She needs to lead.

    I'm not suggesting she is responsible for personally stopping the violence, but she is absolutely responsible for speaking up and organizing the people of Uptown. THAT IS HER JOB.

    Christ, thinking she is anything but completely worthless on the issue of violence is bat-shi* crazy.

  45. Ingrid: Woo hoo! Let's hope that it's actual ACTIONABLE arrests or search for warrants.

    My recent experience is that when the police are called, they respond quickly and effectively for the first 18-24 hrs in the 2 sq block radius around the incident.

    Hoping that searches like this will continue. Not TOO optimistic about it but glad that it's happening tonight.

  46. Committee OKs hefty fines for crime-ridden buildings
    September 30, 2010 11:38 AM | No Comments
    A City Council committee today signed off on Mayor Richard Daley's proposal to levy hefty fines on landlords and other building owners who fail to take steps to prevent crime on their property.

    The city would be allowed to declare a property a public nuisance when three crimes related to building occupants or visitors have been reported within a 90-day period.
    The owner would then be given a chance to put in place a city-approved plan to solve the problems. The plans could include requirements to install lighting and maintain security cameras.

    If the owner did not agree to a plan or abide by it, the city could take the owner to court and impose fines of up to $1,000. A nuisance abatement plan also would be imposed, and the owner could be fined up to $500 a day for failure to obey that plan.

  47. Uptown,
    I know you asked about more info on Michael Carroll. You can find it at

    You will find that Michael's packground and education is not just a degree to get him on the job. Its pretty impressive I think. Currenly he is finishing a masters at Northwestern.

    If you email him, he will personally email or call you back if you ask.

    Good Luck

  48. Oh yeah. Kick out the bangers. Well I don't think they do many evictions once the temperature drops below 32 degrees. Even in non winter months it takes nearly forever for a landlord to get an eviction. Best of luck.

    Unfortunately, you need a couple more deaths to get the attention of the police.

    Your best bet is to play the school children card, and mount an effort with the media/politicos about how dangerous it is for the school children when shootings happen before, during and after school.

    And yes, I am concerned about the children.

  49. What I mean to say is her ideal created this problem. We have to blame her, she is the one at fault.

  50. I don't care what people say about the cameras with blue lights or 'big brother', i'm a proponent of more cameras! My building has cameras recording the street out in front, lets get more of them throughout Uptown. Can't we ask businesses to to the same. Sure there will still be crime but it will definitely be a deterrent & hopefully help catch some of these wastes of carbon.

  51. MFM - Maybe what Big City Cop Ret was referring to was the larger systemic problems in the city. Police shortages, budget cuts, etc. A thesis could be written on how broken the city is, but in short, IMO:

    Repeat offenders and early parolees are making the news daily for heinous crimes. Look at the teenager who was on way-early parole, house arrest after armed robbery in which a shot was fired, failed drug testing while on parole. He murdered a cop and neighbor he just robbed out of fear of being caught. There's no way these criminals should be back on the streets after being arrested multiple times and convicted, but they are - in our neighborhoods too. That's not due to policing, that's due to a broken judicial system.

    The mayor further delayed negotiations in the police contract to help balance his budget. The department is understaffed and new hires aren't even keeping up with attrition. Officers on some shifts are riding solo in squad cars now! Police are not being supported from the top, and yet are expected to continue to sacrifice their safety as first responders, on our behalf. God bless them.

    On top of that, officers are being re-allocated to other districts to make up for the staffing shortfalls. As bad as the crime in uptown is, our officers are likely going to be spending their time in other districts.

    And the camera pods - I personally think they're just there to appease the law-abiding citizens of the city. Everything I read is that they aren't monitored regularly, because there aren't enough police to do so, and don't deter the gangbangers. But they're a hell of a lot cheaper than actually hiring cops and that flashing blue light sure looks great.

    Etc etc etc.

    You may not agree with the timing of that initial post, but it's probably an accurate statement unless massive changes take place under the future new mayor. Crime is on the rise and this current leadership is not addressing it, from Daley down! Shiller is no worse than da mayor in this regard.

  52. @ WISEGUY

    "I don`t know what all you people think Helen can do. Everytime a gun is shot off or any type crime is done everyone thinks Helen has magic powers to stop it. Lets face it you all be better to call 911 or the one in charge of our police station and voice your complaints to them as they are the ones that have the power to stop it. Not a Alderman."
    December 1, 2010 10:12 PM

    Why is WISEGUY actually saying something that sense to me? Has the universe become unstable...Holy Smokes!

    Life is full of surprises...yes call 911 I agree....

  53. Ok people. I have to go to work tonight and i will probably be in a bad mood after reading the comments above. Let me give you the skinny.20 years of the schiller reign will not be undone by the next alderman at least any time soon. And if this blog is any indication of how devided this ward is , dont be surprised if some crony of hers gets elected, and then we are back to square one.dont forget that we will have schiller here UNTIL MAY.Do the math.
    I do love comments such as"go to his/hers site and see what they will do". I dont want to go to anyones site. Since UU seems to be a forum where everyone is welcomed, i want THEM to come here and say how they will do it. I have not seen any comments from any of the condidates. Seen a lot of mouth pieces for them thou.
    A new alderman is not gonna hire more cops, fine landlords for housing gangbangers, stop drunks from loitering at every corner.Do any of you have any serious solutions to propose? Because when it comes down to it, gues who ultimately has the power to do something. You guessd it. Its you bagabooo.
    As i have said before the only way to do it is by putting pressure on everybody.
    On that note i am signing off and try to decide whether i should call in sick and go for a drink. And its only noon. See what you do to me?

  54. To people who say, "what can an alderman do" I suggest a re-read of driftin's comments. If I were running for alderman---which I am not---I would promise voters that I would raise holy hell about what is happening here. Don't think for a minute that TV stations wouldn't love to film a press conference by a sitting alderman about a shooting happening at 5:00 on Halloween followed by shootings near an elementary school and a college a week later. It injects a human element into the "dry" stories about TIFs, the City Budget and lack of hiring at CPD. Someone who was willing to "visually" connect the dots on these stories of our time would greatly push the conversation forward.

    What would the new alderman have to lose? Shiller may feel it necessary to play lapdog but a new alderman would garner adoration for pointing out that this city wastes money and people are, literally, "dyin' up here!" This city has absolutely squandered its resources and this has resulted in its inability to provide the basic protections of government to all of its law-abiding citizens.

    There is absolutely nothing for a new alderman to lose by raising holy hell and pointing out the vast inequalities that were produced by greed and unchecked power. Good intentions and community spirit only go so far. Change requires resources and its time that we got what we need (and deserve).

  55. @ Driftin

    Thank you for explaining what may have been Big City's larger point. It does make a lot of sense and put the nihilism into perspective. Thank you as well for acknowledging the timing issue.

  56. With 60 posts on here I have to say that I Driftin and Sassy are right on. Well said.

  57. @BCP,

    It still annoys me that you don't acknowledge your own mistakes in the immediate posting and following responses and my points about different people with different backgrounds.

    My comments aren't to say that you're the only person with this kind of attitude but on the larger point that this attitude does absolutely no good with the public at large except to encourage people to give up hope which leads to accepting the violence or fleeing the area.

    There have to be more solutions. 60% of the comments on this blog encourage nothing but fleeing the neighborhood and feeling hopeless.

    THAT is a problem because it symbolizes the neighborhood.

  58. GT's idea for a website should be at the top of our list for cleaning up the violence and gangs in Uptown. The gangs are so deeply entrenched they feel invincible.

    They live very comfortably across the street from me on Clifton, on Racine and, of course, are happy at their main hubs on Magnolia.

    The property managers and building owners have varying interest in removing them. It will take an organized community effort to remove them.

    A website that calls out where they live, who owns the building and who manages the building will put a spotlight on them. They won't be able to hide from the problem they are harboring.

    So GT, you ready to create that blog/website that lists buildings that harbor gang member who are actively destroying our neighborhood?

    I have my list of Black P-Stones ready.

    I spoke with a man who works for a large security company that provides security for large subsidized highrises all over Chicago.

    I asked him what he thought about Shiller and her

  59. Just wondering... With the constant crimes going on, gang members getting arrested and put away into jail. Why is it still going on? Where do those people live at? I know that Uptown is pretty small to have a lot of gang members living around compared to south side of chicago. But where do they live? It would be nice to have a Police Raid in all of their buildings to wipe them out clean and start over. If they do live in those homeless shelters, then they need to be investigated. Just a thought/idea.