Thursday, December 16, 2010

Candidates' Corner

A little catch-up here with Uptown's potential aldermanic candidates.  Withdrawals from the race and final rulings about petition challenges are due by December 23rd, so the ballots will be finalized then.  In the meantime:
  • Welles Park Bulldog did short interviews with candidates as they filed their petitions last month:  Scott Baskin (46th), Tom Jacks (47th), Marc Kaplan (46th), Janice Thomas (46th), and a more in-depth interview with Matt Reichel (47th).
  • You can see videos excerpts of the 46th Ward candidates speaking at the UNC forums at  Check it out, more to come!
  • Don Nowotny is collecting non-perishable food and personal hygiene items at his campaign office for persons living with HIV/AIDS.  Donations can be dropped off at 1303 W Wilson, Monday through Friday from 4pm-7pm and on Saturday from 10am-2pm.
  • Andy Lam has redesigned his campaign website.
  • Chicago News Cooperative did an interview with James Cappleman regarding his opposition to Uptown police officers being moved to the South and West Sides.
  • Welles Park Bulldog has an interesting article on non-residents who were circulating petitions for the 47th Ward candidates.
  • Updated:  Diane Shapiro now has a website.


  1. I just watched the Welles Park Bulldog footage of the polarizing Marc Kaplan's diatribe.

    Could I have that 3 minutes of my life back? What a waste.

  2. Well at least I now know what those hardworking community leaders Baskin and Thomas look like.

    Unfortunately, I knew what Kaplan looks like.

    His speaking style reminds me of Shiller. He's a ramblin' man.

  3. I'd like to find more info. on the 2 ballot issues that Kaplan mentioned. We need to stop raiding our tax bases by creating TIFS that steal tax money from our schools (and parks). We also need more after school programs to keep kids off the street (and help prevent them from having street brawls after school or participating in gang activities). (I know Stockton doesn't have an after school option.) Wouldn't it be great to have TIFs created to only make our schools (and parks) better. Real change would then be possible since families would want to send their kids to our local schools rather then having to go through the lottery to avoid the local schools that are bare bones (facilities/technology) compared to our non-46 ward neighbors.

  4. Cowboy,


    More Here

    If you're up for trudging through the social justice spin, try this.

    Note the comment on "coincidence" in that last link.

  5. Thanks Yo. The links are old. I'd hoped for something new related to schools but it will probably be more of the need for affordable housing s... that we've heard before.

  6. Cowboy, if the goal of a TIF is to raise tax revenue in order to pay for city services, i.e., schools and affordable housing, I wonder how that can happen when you want to use TIF funds to build something that does nothing to help contribute to producing tax revenue? We're in a financial crisis because Daley and aldermen like Helen viewed TIF funds as if the money grew on trees.

  7. I'd like to find more info. on the 2 ballot issues that Kaplan mentioned.

    That's what I was referencing in the links.