Saturday, December 18, 2010

Before Sunnyside Mall, 1958

Another hat tip to Uptown Chicago History blog for finding this great photo from 1958 (the high-def version can be purchased when you click this link) showing the corner of Sunnyside and Magnolia. Notice that Sunnyside continued west from Magnolia and was not the "mall" we see today. The buildings in the photo still remain, although this memorial does not.  See the present-day view below and see how very little the building at the opposite corner, with the pillars and balconies, has changed.

A few more details regarding the photo:
"The Adolph Mueler Square War Memorial on the southeast corner of Sunnyside and Magnolia celebrates a rededication ceremony with Dr. Robert Bleier, the Illinois Commander of the Jewish War Vets. April 13, 1958."

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  1. Great picture! Thanks for sharing. I live at that intersection. I love seeing who was on my front lawn in 1958. Very cool!