Thursday, December 9, 2010

Armed Robbery On Broadway

Be careful out there, folks.  A reader just tells us that the Cricket store, at 4635 N Broadway, was just robbed by two male black offenders, wearing masks, one with a semi-automatic pistol. Offenders removed $300-400 and fled thru the rear door and fled northbound. No one in custody as of now.  If you see anything suspicious, call 911, and whatever happens, don't confront the suspects.


  1. Hopefully they can come up with some surveillance photos and post them on here.Yes, even with the masks they were wearing can give something.

  2. 'And whatever happens, don't confront the suspects.'

    And that's the reason why they KNOW they'll get away with it.

  3. Sure would be nice to have second amendment rights. We wouldn't have to worry about repeat offenders anymore, we could deal out our own justice.

    Instead of stories like this, we'd have stories about "another failed robbery attempt today in Uptown". How many P-Stones would be loitering around Wilson/Magnolia/Broadway if they knew that there was a possibility that John Doe across the street was packin' heat? (I know, I'm a poet and didn't know it)

    Who'd rob all our dog walkers and pizza delivery guys if "they" knew they could get a cap in the a@@?

    For the record, I've never owned a gun and am impartial to them so this is just for the sake of discussion. Makes you think though doesn't it?

  4. If they were wearing mask how do they know they were black suspects? Obviously they were wearing gloves as well since it's 20 degrees out so how can they tell race?

  5. seriously, we're afraid to have a discussion about having the right to defend ourselves?

    Come on UU, where's my last comment?

  6. Seriously, UptownAction, land those black helicopters. Occasionally, the moderators at UU have lives away from the computers. Tonight was such a night. Sorry.

  7. "we could deal out our own justice."

    Say what?
    With the predominance of guns in Uptown, the very idea of 'armed' citizens is repugnant.

    I have faith that these thug/losers, will be caught.

    And I'm looking forward to what our current Alderman has to say......