Monday, November 22, 2010

Uptown Not Violent Enough; Cops Transferred To South & West Sides?

The districts with the lowest numbers of 911 calls and "RAP" events were on the North Side and Northwest Side, including the Foster, Town Hall, Albany Park, Jefferson Park, Monroe and Wood districts.

The police officer who told us this would be happening says:  "Your readership needs to contact their respective Commander, The Chief of Patrol and Aldermanic contenders. Why should hard-working, tax-paying citizens not get the police service that we deserve?"

Here's their contact information - and a reminder that this decision is being made by the brass, NOT by our local command.  Be polite and express your reasoning for opposing this decision. 
  • Superintendent of Police Jody P Weis - 312-745-6100
  • Chief of Patrol Ernest P. Brown - 312-745-6210


  1. Hey all you gang bangers, drug dealers, pimps, hos, thieves, rapists, murderers, pedophiles: here's an open invitation to come to the North Side. Why would you want to come to the North Side? Because we'll have fewer cops and you'll be able to get away with practically anything, including murder. Very depressing. You can guarantee I'll be contacting these people. Thanks for the information.

  2. I expressed my feelings about our ward having officers taken and sent to other hot spots in the city and I mostly was told that more officers have been sent to our ward for the summer months where they added extra strength against gangs but due to certain South and West side areas gang activity has increased way more then our ward and the police force has to be shifted for the time being to address those concerns. There just is not enough police resources to satsify all the needs of the city so the worst get first choice.

  3. Cappleman put out a press release today essentially saying hell no to Supt. Weis, and that it's about time for other areas of the city to stop getting resources at the expense of the 46th ward owing to poor fiscal management of city budgets and the inability or unwillingness to make tough decisions, resulting in inadequate resources to neighborhoods that need it.

  4. From the Sun-Times article:

    "The Town Hall District, for instance, had 17 RAP (no cars available) events in the first eight months of 2009 and 2010 and about 64,000 911 calls from January 2009 through Oct. 24 of this year."

    "The Chicago Lawn District had about 130,000 911 calls and 885 RAP events over the same periods."

    Interpretation? You, my friends, are about to lose your police protection!

    From a post in the blog, Second City Cop:

    "Newsflash for taxpayers - you're about to get f*cked. Again. Billion dollar deficits at the local level. Tens of billions in state debt. 10% unemployment in Illinois and nowhere to go but down."

    "Get out if you can. Get a gun if you can't."

  5. While it's no comfort to you, I have worked in places that were in a RAP from noon until say 4 or 5:00 in the morning almost everyday.We just do not have to manpower to police this city. Thank you Mayor Daley and your corrupt political machine. Nice legacy.

  6. As I was walking to Target, on that Halloween afternoon at Magnolia and Montrose, the last thought on my mind was a decrease in Uptown violence, as the shots rang out and the families and their kids ducked for cover.

    I was thinking after 20 years of living here, what a sense of failure my Alderman must feel.

  7. It's not so much districts alone, but sectors within the district that need additional resources. Example: Edgewater from Foster to Hollywood is rather quiet, while from Argyle south to Lawrence is crazy.

    I can see cutting some resources, while maintaining or increasing where trouble is most prevelant.

  8. Fewer police officers with increased violent crime...

    Libraries with shorter hours with kids' reading levels dropping...

    School budgets cut with Chicago children, especially those whose parents can't afford private schools, not receiving a good education.

    Park budget in the red, less money for programs with less opportunity for parents to give the children a positive experience.

    This is how TIFS are bleeding Chicago to a slow death.

    In 2008, TIFS siphoned
    $558 Million away from the City's operating budget. So...
    Chicago Schools lost
    $293 Million

    City of Chicago lost
    $116 Million to provide services like police officers

    Park District lost $39 Million

    And that's only for 2008.

  9. So instead of encouraging people to turn in their criminal-minded friend or relative,the only solution they can think of is to add more cops to these areas,at the expense of the North side,to look after these punks, as in "babysit" them, to try to keep them out of trouble.

  10. I believe that we need the national guard in Chicago. This past summer as we all know it was being considered an option. Chicago was making the national news for crime on a near daily basis. I give up for Uptownm I'm moving. I guess you can say I let the thugs win but you know what? I took a chance when i purchased property in this area & i lost. i accept it.