Saturday, November 20, 2010

Truman Construction Update

We received this in email from a reader about the construction schedule at Truman College. We don't know who was interviewed, but appreciate the information provided.

"It hasn’t been easy for people to pick their way around the obstacle course around Truman College’s construction (and it has been even worse for the residents of the 4400 blocks of Racine and Clifton and the 1100 block of Montrose for the past couple of years). Since the College hasn’t been telling us much of anything beyond one-week projections (and we’re paying for the work), I posed some questions — here they are, along with the answers that were kindly provided:

Q: What is the current target date for completion of major construction?
A: December 6, 2010.

Q: With winter weather nearly upon us, is the landscaping to be completed in spring, or will there still be an effort to do it yet this year?
A: Planting will be completed in the spring.

Q: When is the sidewalk reconstruction along Wilson Avenue anticipated to be completed?
A: December 6, 2010.

Q: When will the sidewalks through the former Racine Mall be opened for pedestrian through-traffic?
A: We hope to open them January 1, 2011 if all goes as planned.

Q: With extensive pedestrian traffic to and from the Wilson Red Line stop from residents in the 4400 blocks of North Racine and North Clifton, and the 4300 block of North Kenmore, many of us have been curious if there will be passage available for us through the new McKeon Building — particularly during inclement weather. Since we are unaware of the internal layout of the building and the College’s policy regarding neighborhood residents’ passage, can we anticipate clear passage through the building?
A: College and City Colleges administrators are still discussing this. The main issue is security, the concern that people who do not live in the neighborhood and are not simply cutting through the building will have access to offices, bicycle storage, etc.

Q: Will there be passage provided from the College’s campus beneath the CTA tracks to the Aldi and Target stores in the Wilson Yard development?
A: There are plans to build a walk, but they are independent of our project. The property in question belongs not to Truman but to the CTA. The alderman's office may be able to provide more information."

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  1. "The alderman's office may be able to provide more information."

    Good one... always like to start my day with a chuckle.