Saturday, November 13, 2010

S&L Pantry Morphs?

A reader notes:  "Walked by Sheridan and Lawrence earlier today and noticed that the L is missing from both sides of SL Pantry. There is also a new sign above the entrance which only says Sheridan Pantry. Hopefully this is a sign of new ownership and future improvements."

Anyone know more?  We know that there's a new license up on EveryBlock, and that the owner of the S&L Pantry came to a couple CAPS meetings and said that the gangs and loiterers in front of his business were literally driving him out of business.  We wish success to the Sheridan Pantry in dealing with the challenges found at that corner.


  1. If it is a new owner I wish him luck and my advice to him is to start right away to get the loiterers and gangs away from his business so he can offer save conditions for the customers he will need to stay in business. If I where him I would hire a armed security company to be in plain view to let it be known he was not going to take any BS from the punks that will surely force him out of business if he don`t.

  2. I believe the homeless shelter is around the from this place. I often times was afraid to grab a cup of coffee in the morning due to these punks that loiter.

  3. Tell the owner to get the sheet out of the window. The bangers hang out there because they know the owner can't see them hanging around because the windows are blocked. If he/she really wants to upgrade the neighborhood, make the store front look decent and you will attract decent people.

  4. There is a difference between a crummy crappy convenient store gang hangout and a decent mom and pop convenient store.

    That food world or whatever at montrose and hazel needs to clean its act up too.

    About a month ago I was there at lawrence and sheridan and man
    there was alot of wind and a vortex of paper trash with guys just hanging across the street.
    One guy was laying all over the mailbox. It would be nice to see that corner look a little better

  5. What a joke! They probably only complained at the CAPS meeting and not during business hours just because everyone complains about the punks hanging out front all day blocking the sidewalk and littering the streets. Every minute of the day there are loiters and bums hanging out on the corner. I am not sure how the place is making money. It looks scary and trashy. I would never go in there.