Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Musical Theatre In Uptown (Can't Beat The Prices)

"Amidst all the negative reporting of gang violence in our neighborhood I'd like to spread some positive news about our community.  I am the Music Teacher at Stewart Elementary School on Wilson and Broadway and I'd like to make a public announcement about our school's program.  Stewart Elementary will be performing its very first musical titled "The Best Little Theatre in Town" on November 18th at 5pm and November 19th at 3pm.   Tickets are $1 at the door and we are encouraging all community members to come support our school and the Fine Arts department (Donations will also be accepted).  Come and see one the positive and enriching programs we have at this school and let the students know that the community supports their academic as well as their arts education!

Thank You,
Reginald Spears"


  1. this is awesome! i wish i could make it.

    Reginald -- thank you for sharing! please share more opportunities like this on UU!

  2. Thanks to these little theatres for doing their part to fill the void left by the departure of Pegasus from the Truman campus!

  3. It is wonderful to look at the positive things that are happening in Uptown. Despite the typical silly news, there are actually many good things being done by good people everyday. Go explore!

  4. Andy - this news is awesome and positive. I would not call shootings "silly."

  5. Meg, I'm sure that Andy's reference to "typical silly news" was regarding his announcement here about his campaign office window being broken. It's the typical silly sort of stuff that us Uptowners apparently should be laughing off, like the recurring "fisticuffs" in the middle of North Sheridan, and those silly shootings and silly robberies, silly vandalism and silly public intoxication, along with all that wonderful business our plethora of good-natured gangs bring to our neighborhood!

    And yes, it IS great to see the kids at Stewart doing this...I hope they get a packed audience of neighborhood residents, showing that we support them doing great things!

  6. Mirriam Webster No. 3 definition of silly:

    a : weak in intellect : foolish b : exhibiting or indicative of a lack of common sense or sound judgment (a very silly mistake)

    Sounds like an apt description of the situation in the neighborhood. Maybe you should look up the definition before ripping the guy for using the word. Unless your sure of his usage, it's kind of "silly" to do that.