Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Petition Intrigue

A couple readers tell us that Marc Kaplan (famous, or infamous, round these parts for his work with COURAJ and CopWatch, and, oh yes, for being sued by a police officer for encouraging local youths to file false claims of police brutality) had someone out and about soliciting signatures on aldermanic petitions today.  Yup, attempting to follow in the footsteps of his close ally, Ald. Shiller.

Man, this race just gets more and more fun! Monday is the last day for potential candidates to file their nominating petitions, so we'll be watching extra closely to see who's in, and who's not.


  1. Anyone who respects our Police Officers and appreciates the work that they do will laugh this guy right out the door.

  2. As of dis morn Andy Lam has filed his petitions.

    He seems like a nice enough guy.

    Marc Kaplan........not so nice.

  3. Emily Stewart, Marc Kaplan and Kaitlin McIntyre have filed.

  4. I just want to remind everybody, so Marc doesn't have to, that if you don't vote for him--an aging white man with a history of access to elected officials--it can only be because you're racist.