Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's Election Day : Do Your Thing

Hey, it's Election Day, and the polls are open until 7pm.  If you didn't early vote, get out there today and do your patriotic duty.  Make some noise.  Make things happen.  It's all up to you, dear voter.

And, just because a lot of people don't realize it--
  • These are the mid-term elections, for state and county offices.
  • The local elections (mayoral and aldermanic) are February 22, 2011.  Don't panic when you can't find your favorite aldercritter-wannabe on your ballot.  They'll be there in three and a half months.


  1. Voted at Truman today. is it common not to have to show any form of id when voting?

  2. If I remember correctly from my poll judge days, your signature is your ID.

  3. I got carded at Truman as well. I worked the polls a few times over the last few years, and picture ID is normally asked for in disputes only. Maybe they changed things up?

  4. This morning on The View, Elisabeth treated viewers to a five-minute non-stop rant, in which her mouth did not stop flapping even once, because she was NOT asked for ID when voting this morning.

    I always thought the policy was, you were asked for ID and proof of residency when registering, but not when voting. When you vote at the polls, your signature is checked to match your polling card.

    As Chip said, things may have changed. I haven't been a poll judge since Tom Sharpe took over as Committeeman and I was dumped for being loyal to Sandra Reed.

  5. I wasn't asked for ID today and I thought it was odd. Oh well

  6. Do you people not normally vote? At registration you are asked to provide all of the proof that you are eligible to vote. When you show up to vote your signature is confirmed. In the event of a dispute, you may be asked for ID.

    I think in 22 years of voting I have been asked for ID only the one time I voted absentee at the courthouse in Urbana during college.

  7. People - Use the link on the right hand side of the UU home page to register to vote. The 46th Ward is filled with people that move in and out, so please make sure your info is current.