Friday, November 19, 2010

CTA's Holiday Train To Be In Uptown This Weekend

From the Going Public blog:

"The CTA holiday train will be at the Wilson stop on Saturday at 12:48 p.m., 3:28 p.m., 5:49 p.m. and 7:54 p.m.  It will be at the Wilson stop on Sunday at 1:20 p.m., 3:46 p.m., 5:39 p.m. and 8:10 p.m.  Here’s the link for schedule and request for holiday train photos."

Some awesome photos from last year are there, too, including the one to the left.  The Holiday Train will be back on the Red Line on December 15th and 17th.


  1. I rode this last season (completely by accident) from 55th to Wilson. It was definitely the most fun I've had on my commute. I called the other half when we were pulling in to Sherdian so he could see us. It looks like a toy train from our house.

  2. If you want to get a seat, you need to be at either end (Howard or 95th). Even 2 stops down, the train will be standing room only, if not completely full.

    It's great (and cheap) fun for families with young kids.

  3. JP, since you don't live in Uptown, a "Holiday" train up here often means "watch out as you exit the Wilson stop"

  4. Starck, I've exited at Wilson after a Cubs game, so i know what you mean.