Monday, November 1, 2010

CBS 2: Residents On Edge After Uptown Shootings

Read the story here, which includes the TV report and WBBM's radio report. We thank CBS for always being aware of what goes on here and for reporting on Uptown.

When a commenter wrote to Mai Martinez about this story, the reply was, "Thank you for your email. We have reached out to Ald. Shiller, but have not received a response from her or her office at this time."

Now that Ald. Shiller's grand "urban planning" expertise hasn't been working out so well, we guess ignoring it ("lalalalala, I can't hear you!") is her recent strategy. We're not impressed. Does she even bother to show up in Uptown anymore, or is she too busy brokering deals for her main squeeze from Andersonville, where children did not have to run behind trees and cars to evade gunfire in the middle of the afternoon on Halloween?


  1. I asked Mai if she stopped by the Alderwoman's office. Her response:

    "I stopped by while I was in Uptown. They said she wasn’t there. Couldn’t reach her downtown either."


  2. I really appreciated Ms. Martinez's reporting, and while I couldn't meet with her, I shared my experience of the Magnolia/Montrose shooting.

    Also, Kudos to UU for this important reporting.

    And shame on our Alderman for her silence.

  3. Perhaps this was mentioned in another post, but do we know if Marlos Canteberry was a gang banger?

  4. Maybe Don wants to get a Helen endorsement soon.... Just sayin Don.

    It ain't gonna get any better anytime soon. They don't care if its cold, or if it is in the middle of the day anymore.

    Uptown = A modern day O.K. Corral.

  5. Mai had some hot boots on! Just sayin'.

    That is just plain wrong that Helen had no response.

    Sorry Helen, don't agree with that at all.

  6. I don't know details... but I can't help but be irritated that the Voice of the People buildings are getting huge expensive overhauls with our tax money (I'm assuming), yet no money for security cameras??? WTH? See this article:

  7. I do know she was shopping at Jewel on Berwyn, (and not Target) on Sunday afternoon as I was about 15 feet from her. Just couldn't miss her, (as much as one wants to).

  8. Those people interviewed must have been the "I'd say it's mostly the white yuppies who moved to the city for 'action' and love to 'party and play'." that some of Uptown Updates finest, and most informed citizens wrote about in previous posts.

    How dare people walk around with their kids in the city as cover to buy drugs. I know personally I keep at least 2 gang bangers employed doing all sorts of illegal substances. When Im not working various jobs to stay afloat, paying for private school,paying for a nearly underwater mortgage, volunteering in the community, and trying to raise my son I am out just getting ripped by the local homeboy pharmaceutical shops. Hell, a few of them may even be my kids, cause that's just how I role being irresponsible and on dope most of the time. It helps cover my guilt of being so "rich."

    It amazes me anything gets done in this community, but it does with good people of all different backgrounds who share similar moral codes. Living by the Golden Rule and not the Gold Necklaces or teeth.

    Victims, excuse makers, enablers you had your time and your Alderman, and it failed. Your time is now up. People have wised up to Radicalism and understand that that almost never brings wanted change. Like I said, your time is might want to check out...oh, I don't know..Lincoln Park this February?

  9. She's out of town. They didn't say where. Supposed to be back today. Not sure why her office isn't telling everyone that.

  10. Or maybe she is hiking the Appalachian Trail with Gov Sanford.

  11. Is anyone else just plain so fed up with all this violence that they are planning on moving? I am considering it because the daily gunshots and thuggery is just too much for me too handle. If it was just me I could put up with it but i feel like my children deserve a safe environment.

  12. americanlt, i also am ready to move. i made the catostrophic mistake of buying a condo here in 2007 that is now worth 60% what i owe. I have kept my job, maintained my mortgage in spite of this fact but dodging bullets is not something i am interested in. I am ready to strategically default on my mortgage, the bank can have my place, i dont want it. Ill take damaged credit for a few years if it means i can stop worrying about getting shot. i have no moral issue about walking away from this pit whatsoever.

  13. Don`t give up. Stay and fight. Thats exactly what the gangs want. People to run and leave more of the neighborhood to their grip.

  14. i'll tell you when this neighborhood starts getting better... it'll be when the people on the corner try to hide their booze. on kenmore and lawrence, they're locking up their milk crates at night so they can sit and booze it up during the day. i call 911 everytime i see it. sometimes they'll be away for a few days after that, but please EVERYONE do the same.

    if we hang in there, it will get better.

  15. If I wouldn't lose a fortune selling my place, I'd be gone as well. Bought in August 2006.

    You can move half a mile west to Ravenswood and it's a whole different world over there.

    I'll probably wait around a year to see what happens real estate-wise and then test the waters.

  16. She was "out of town"(ish) when the fisticuffs erupted last August.


    In her defense, she has racked up 19 furlough days, this year.

    Meh - whatever. 1) it's not like she's given anyone cause to expect anything from her, ever and 2) it's not like her absence really means anything.

  17. I am really hoping that people feel as angry and passionate as I do about how insane the situation in Uptown is. But I'm really lacking in confidence that they do. We have become too accustomed (in Chicago and the United States in general) to hearing about shootings. Uptown's residents need to rise up and demand an end to the violence.
    The American way has become... "Well, I guess it's time to move." The framework of our country is falling apart because we are letting it. We are letting the corruption take over. American's tend to hide away or move away.

    My husband is from Europe and I lived in a couple of different EU cities with him before coming back to the States. He is absolutely dumbfounded by the lack of action by the citizens of this city, and I understand exactly how he feels now having experienced life over there. Of course every city in Europe would have it's own "reaction", and some have more violence than others but one thing I can be sure of... they would react. If a weekend of shootings like we just had here in Uptown happened over there (especially a holiday wknd), there would be protests on the streets like you would not believe, and it also would have been national/international news.

    This news clip from CBS was so sad to me. The tone, the words... pathetic. There was no thought put into it. The comment that was made, "it's a sign of the times" (I believe those were the words), was so trivial. This was an absolutely unacceptable violent weekend, just like every shooting incident throughout this city. They should be looked at with equal disgust by everyone. Every citizen of Chicago should be embarrassed whether a shooting takes place in their neighborhood or another.

    458 people were killed in Chicago in 2009. This is insane. Don't let yourself become desensitized to hearing about a shooting. It's the least we each can do.

  18. L,

    been there, done that

    Even on the national level.

    The problem is that our political and/or social systems are broken, and those in a position to assist either lack the resources (ie - CPD) or the will (ie - Alderman's office, City Hall, special interest groups) to confront the issue, in earnest.

    It's a very sad state that we're in, and only going to get sadder as people put their personal agendas ahead of what's best for the community.

    Welcome to Chicago.

  19. Here is a update for those who live close to the shootings.
    Man charged in Halloween shooting of 3 teens
    A 20-year-old man was charged this morning in connection with a Halloween shooting that left three teens wounded and trick-or-treaters scrambling for cover on the North Side in the city's Uptown neighborhood.

    Akelo Washington of the 4800 block of North Winthrop Avenue, was charged with eight counts of aggravated discharge of a firearm from a vehicle, police said.

    The shooting happened about 5:13 p.m on Halloween on the 1200 block of West Montrose Avenue, said Police News Affairs Officer John Mirabelli.

    Police were called to the scene, where they found three wounded youths, one of them 13 years old, according to earlier reports.

    All three victims were taken to hospitals in serious-to-critical condition, but their conditions were later stabilized, officials said.

    One victim, 17, was shot in the leg. Another victim, also 17, was shot in the leg and forearm. The youngest victim also was shot in the leg, police said.

    Washington was scheduled to appear in bond court later today.

  20. I live in the city, though not in Uptown. That being said, three of my five best friends in the world do. I don't want to go into a ton of detail, but I was on Sunnyside during the Marlos Canteberry shooting Sunday night.

    I've been in shock over it for the last few days, as I haven't really been up close and personal with violence like that ever in my life. It's led me to do a pretty significant amount of reading about what's been happening in Uptown and about everyone's favorite alderman.

    I know Shiller's complete lack of response as yet isn't super surprising to you guys, but to me it's a bit of a shock. If similar incidents of violence took place in a self contained city the size of Uptown - like they have for the last four days, you can be damned sure that the mayor (or equivalent, which I consider Ms. Shiller to be) would do something to get out in front of it.

    I'd considered Uptown kinda shady for the last few years that my buddies have lived there, but I've never felt unsafe being there. Now I'm not so sure. I'm afraid for them, and for all of you guys.

    I hope February brings you guys a new leader that is willing to actually work with the community to make it a safer place. This, rather than essentially pander to the gang and criminal interests in the neighborhood. Hopefully it's a man or woman that understands that it isn't just white people affected by the violence and stop using accusations of racism to justify inaction.

    Best of luck. I wish I could vote in your ward to help.

  21. That was my brother Marlos Canteberry who was shot and kille, for what@ these monsters are killing one another by rhe dozen, every hour. Something gots to give.

    I hope they catch themonsters that did this to my brother.