Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where's The Retail?

From Crain's, July 23, 2010:
"Five specialty store tenants have leased 8,000 of the 23,000 square feet of specialty store space in the mixed-use Wilson Yard development, where Target Corp. this week opened its 203,000-square-foot store. The tenants are Subway, AT&T Wireless, video game retailer Play & Trade, Hair Cuttery and a neighborhood nail salon operator, says Joseph Dunne, senior development manager with Holsten Real Estate Development Corp."

UU Note: The storefronts are still vacant, not even a work permit in a single window for pending construction. AT&T has been issued a business license per "EveryBlock."


  1. The only retail around here is sold in little baggies. Holla if ya hear me!

  2. This is an absolute shocker! Promised made and not kept??? That NEVER happens in the 46th Ward!

  3. Needless to say,
    all boring business

    Atleast the Morgan at Loyola
    has a Five Guys.

    It would be nice to see
    something decent go in there.
    But the local area is so overwhelmingly lower income
    that I dont see too many upscale places taking the risk.

    Better to stay empty then fill up with blech stuff

  4. I was hoping for some good clothing shops like Express, Gap or Old Navy. The ecomomy is getting worse as the job reports showed today and even some of the upscale shops south of Fullerton on Halsted are going our of business where I usually go so I guess not much will be moving in anytime too soon. At least the Target looks busy all the time I pass by.

  5. Not that it would fit in Wilson Yard the way the storefronts are split, but I would just LOVE it if a Trader Joe's came to Uptown.
    I'm just sick of Subway, Dunkin Donuts and wireless stores. BLECH IS RIGHT.

  6. It sure is funny when a pornography store sounds like a good idea for your neighborhood.

  7. The economy isn't exactly cooperating...

    I would rather wait and get some quality, appropriate retail here than see them rent out the space long-term at bargain basement prices.

    Let's face it, the landlord has a pretty solid anchor tenant with Target. Pretty sure between the Corp. rent and govt. subs from Section 8, the option to wait and attract some quality tenants is realistic. And I hope that is what he does.

    In the meantime, just keep the property secure and clean, and everything will be fine.

  8. Wonder what happened to Helen's business incubator that was supposed to go in some of this space? I hope that went to the wayside along with her idiotic fish farm idea.

    I'm also wondering where the trees are in the Broadway streetscape. I'm assuming that they will be planted this month? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

  9. Stash, Target bought the property that the store was built on from Holsten so there's no lease income associated with the store.

  10. Kitty - just drove by that stretch of Bway and the trees are being installed this morning.

    As for the vacant storefronts - they may still be "works in progress" in terms of build-out, etc. These things take time, especially in this economy. Check out some of the more "affluent" nabes and you'll find similar situations.

    Maybe there could be some "seasonal" stores that sell Halloween stuff until Oct. 31 and Xmas/Chanukah goodies thereafter?

  11. At least it's not another currency exchange or payday loan place. Or another liquor store.

  12. an up-to-date export gym would be nice there..

    The other guys in the area are either a rip off or horrible service and dirty.

  13. I am so happy we finally got a store like Target in area.It is great for us that don't drive and can not get way out for those kind of stores also hope some clothing stores go in that area.

  14. Costco would have been a godsend for me.

    Yeah, some competition for World Gym would be nice....I hate that place. They aggressively pushed personal training on me and when I declined, the guy actually grabbed my stomach like he was trying to make it jiggle.

  15. I would like some great businesses that draw walking traffic and business too. But I'm not too excited about Express, Gap or Old Navy coming in.

    I know its a hard balance, but what will bring in more revenue is a smart business plan that creates the area as a destination - not just a copy of 30 other streets in the city with the same stores that contribute to out of city and out of state profits.

    Five Guys is a unique place that would draw people. Kumas too if they can still be talked in to coming up here.

    What makes Lincoln Square a draw is the Old Town School of Folk Music. What makes Andersonville a draw is the niche furniture and neighborhood bars. Now I"m not advocating either of those or asking if people like them. But there is a sound business strategy there. What would draw people in? What would compliment the target?

    Think of it from a chain store perspective. People are not gonna come to a desolate strip to go to the gap when there is already one in Lakeview. Stores need other stores to thrive.

    though I'd likely not use it, I'd love to see a big, upscale gym go into the Salvation Army (aka fish farm) building. This would make a juice bar or sandwich shop and maybe a shoe or althletic wear shop a natural. Also proximity to the lake and trains would be a bonus.

    Just brainstorming....

  16. I'd like to see an authentic deli, like Shapiro's in Indianapolis (

    I'd also like to see a florist that doesn't sell fake/silk flowers.

  17. I second the idea of Trader Joes-- they are owned by Aldi anyway so it would be a nice fit as there is an Aldi in close proximity. I know there are a lot of grocery stores around that area (including a nice little selection at Target) but it's never too congested for a Trader Joes.

  18. It would be nice to see some businesses the residents in Buena Park will patronize since they are the closest. Unfortunately wish lists mean nothing to investors. Better to wait it out for something that will contribute positively to the composition of the neighborhood. It could be a long wait in our economy but it beats another dollar store or beauty supply house.
    In my humble opinion and the opinion of many other artists is that Uptown is a dead-zone when it comes to the arts.
    Granted many live here under the radar of the blogs.
    Can anybody besides myself, and I do have a few good ideas to be articulated, know of a plan to attract the arts to Uptown.
    The arts attract and engage people, create good buzz to potential investors, improves the quality of life.
    Uptown is sorely lacking for creative solutions, rich in cut-n-paste ideas and schwarmy comments. And a lot to offer artists should we chose to focus on it.
    Where is the common ground?
    It can be the arts, simply put......if we are willing.


    Jeffrey Littleton