Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Uptown Murder Mystery, 1983

courtesy of "SKCentral.com"
Two Indiana coroners are looking into the identities of three murder victims from the 1980s, believed to be victims of Chicago serial killer Larry Eyler.  Before his death in 1994, Eyler confessed to more than 20 killings and hinted that he had an accomplice.

However, the only murder he was tried and convicted for was that of Danny Bridges (pictured), an Uptown teenage prostitute who was also a police informant.  According to several other websites about the "Highway Murderers," at least five of his other victims came from or had a connection with the "grubby Uptown District," with two of them living just two doors away from each other on Kenmore, and Danny Bridges having been raised for a time at Maryville.

You can read the latest about the quest to identify the three John Doe victims in today's Tribune, and a longer (much longer) article from 1992 in The Reader.


  1. Anyone know where on Kenmore two of the victims lived that were living just two doors apart?

  2. I'm pretty sure Danny Bridges lived on the 4200-4300 block of Kenmore.

  3. According to a 1986 Tribune article covering the trial, Danny Bridges lived at 4511 N. Spaulding Ave. - near Wilson and Kedzie.