Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Tour Of The Uptown Theatre

Flickr photo by chrisjuno,
used under Creative Commons license
The author of the Chicago Theatre Addict blog did something this week that we've wanted to do forever:  he took a tour of the Uptown Theatre.  (Dead jealous!)  He describes it as "a a glorious, fading jewel."

Read about it here and be sure to drool at the photo he links to of the grand lobby.


  1. If ever there was a project that TIF money should be put into it would be the restoration of the UPTOWN theatre.

  2. I know I'm dating myself but, as a child, going to the movies meant walking to Lawrence and Broadway and choosing between whatever was playing at the Uptown or Riviera Theaters. Certainly today, I appreciate the old palace more than I ever did as a youngster.

    This place ABSOLUTELY should be preserved for posterity. These old opulent classic buildings will never, ever be built again, so let's honor the only one we've got. Maybe I'm just being sentimental, but I agree that THIS is a TIF project I could deal with, though I generally am against the concept of TIF's. The problem is, it needs to be brought back to some useful purpose. A multi-million dollar restoration is worthless if it's just going to sit there and not be utilized.

  3. Same here BCP.That was a beautiful Theater-still can be.I remember they had ads in the lobby before cable TV asking if everyone thought there should be paid TV.The lobby was so nice.

  4. I agree! Use the TIF to restore this beauty NOW before it's too late. The Granada on Sheridan was another beautiful theatre that was torn down to put in Loyola buildings. Seems we always miss what we've torn down and can never have again. Save the UPTOWN!

  5. I agree, use TIF money to restore this fading gem! In addition, just imagine how much money Jam Productions could raise for restoration if they offered paid tours and had fundraisers in the lobby of the Uptown Theatre.

  6. Great idea about the tours, Hopeless, but the building may not be safe enough.

    A while back (7-10 years ago), volunteers were working on the theatre to prepare it for tours. A friend was doing it, and urged me to, too.

    A building inspector came in and a piece of plaster fell down right at his feet. Guess what? He didn't give the okay for tours.

    "After a recent incident when a chunk of falling plaster prompted a city building inspector to cancel all future fundraising tours of the theatre, I'm left wondering if we even have that long." (October 3, 2002)