Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shiller On This Evening's "Chicago Tonight"

We hear that Ald. Shiller will be on WTTW 11's Chicago Tonight, tonight at 7pm. She will be featured with a panel of other aldermen, discussing the mayor's budget. Tune in to see what she has to say, or not say.

The video is now online, for your viewing enjoyment.


  1. Shiller once again proved how ridiculous she is. She, as usual used the term "rhetoric" and claimed that the budget isn't "borrowing" from anywhere. Carol Marin even called her out on that, in that we are borrowing from the parking meter money. And, as usual, Shiller interrupted and sounded like a bumbling fool with her Shiller speak. No doubt, she will vote to pass the budget as she said "she is positive about with what she as seen (with budget). Still showing her loyalty to the Da Mare....

    Alderman Cardenas didn't sound much better.

    Waguespack and Reilly were the only ones who were really honest and clear that this budget is just shoving things under the rug. They will obviously not vote for the budget in its current form.

  2. Saw Shiller over at the Chicago Saddle and Cycle Club tonight at around 6 or so. She spoke for 3 seconds and gave Joyce Dugan (a wonderful woman and pillar of Uptown) a street sign. Oh well, a good evening for Joyce nonetheless!

  3. Cardenas does more than any other alderman to lower the avg IQ of the City Council, and that's quite a distintion in that crowd

  4. It's now up on the WTTW website.

    Follow the link.

    I will be glad when I don't have to hear her voice again.

    She is a horrid speaker. Speaks too quickly and in run on sennnnnnnnnnntences.


    Waguespack is a bit of a geek, but he does seem to know his stuff.

    Shiller defending the parking meter deal. Wunnerful.

  5. It was funny to hear Carol Marin bring up transparency in TIFs and using some of that money for schools, yet not ask about any specifics, even after one of the aldermen stated that the transparency was working and that there should be more of it. It sounds like the City's trying to use this parking meter money as a stopgap measure until the economy improves and they get more money from the sources that have taken a hit in this current economy.

  6. I still think all the wards across this city would be far better off if we had no Aldermen at all. Year after year all these Liberal clowns are voted into office by the same residents that yell the loudest about hope and change and all I ask where is it. When are people going to wake up.

  7. Right. She says absolutely NOTHING.