Friday, October 8, 2010

Protect Against Home Invasions/Burglaries

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UU Note:  In his latest newsletter, Ald. Tunney (44th Ward) links to two flyers from the 19th District about Safeguarding Your Garage and Preventing Thefts From Cars.  Good information there as well.


  1. Besides the steps mentioned for me would be a good home security system that also includes motion activated spotlights for the yard areas. I also have a shotgun that my wife can handle as good as me within easy reach. These days you need every edge to protect yourself and property from this thugs who don`t care about your life or property.

  2. The average person is best served by the use of a .38 snub nose revolver. Going around corners with the shotgun can be a very bad thing. Semi-auto pistols can malfunction when fired with a "limp wrist" grip. These people doing these home invasions are armed and extreme caution should be used when dealing with them.

  3. The irony, again, is that useful information is posted on Tunney's 44th Ward site, while all I see on the 46th is 'marathon street closure' info.

    If ever I needed concrete crime fighting tips up here, it's NOW.