Monday, October 18, 2010

Personal Training At A Discount, a site that's similar to Groupon, is offering "$40 for 2 personal training sessions (valued at $120)."  The exercise studio is someplace that's new to us:  Workout Partnerz at 1411 W Wilson (between Clark and Dover), "the newest Chicago 24-hour gym."

You can read about Workout Partnerz here, and read about the deal at YouveGottaGetIt here (you have through next Sunday to buy in).


  1. I will freely support any Uptown business EXCEPT for those that have annoying music play automatically on their webpages.

  2. looks like a good deal BUT BUYER BEWARE!!!! I paid for 20 sessions and he blew me off after 3, because I complained and to date has refused to issue a refund.