Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Looking Like There's An Election Coming Up...

Well, it's one way to fill Uptown's many empty storefronts. Aldermanic candidates are opening up shop all over the Ward. We imagine we'll be seeing more of these in the near future, with seven candidates declared, and rumors swirling that there are still more mulling a run. Stay tuned! In chronological order of their openings:

James Cappleman
4131-33 N Broadway
(at Belle Plaine)

Don Nowotny
1303 W Wilson
(at Malden)

Michael Carroll
4700 N Sheridan
(at Leland)

reader-submitted photo


  1. Carroll's office is not at Broadway, but at Sheridan.

    4700 N Sheridan.

  2. Hmm. Michael Carroll seems a tad bit ahead of himself with the signage on his office doors - they read "Michael Carroll – Alderman 46th Ward."

  3. I'm surprised Mike even has time to open an office. Subscribe to his "tweets". He's very busy "fighting crime" at night. Sometimes his tweets remind me of Batman.......with Mooshie as a wannabe Robin.

    It all appeals to my sense of the absurd.

    Nowatny and Carroll clearly have better logos than Cappleman. Cappleman's office is more centrally located for the entire ward.

    Let's call it a draw as we await the opening of the Phelan office and perhaps offices from the other three declared candidates.

    Any rumors of anyone else joining the festivities?

  4. >> Any rumors of anyone else joining the festivities?

    Per the second post down at the GWNA facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=135394579827029), it appears that someone named Jeffrey Littleton will be jumping into the fray soon as well...

  5. Jeffrey Littleton of the UPTOWN Littleton's joining the race.

    Great. Anyone not named Littleton ever hear of this guy?

    The hits keep on coming.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I have more skeletons in my closet than a temporary Halloween store I would run for office.

    I think Mayor Pirate sounds good.

    As for Jeffster he apparently did or does live at the Malden Arms and wants to bring civility to the election. Check out the google thingee.

    Trust me, civility in an election is overrated.

    PS Never trust someone who says trust me.

  6. I am Jeffrey Littleton. Other people right here in Uptown know my name as a matter of factly. I was a pirate once for halloween and I am part irish so I hope we can get along.

    What is a google thingy.

    Yes I live in Malden Arms.

    Civility is very under-rated these days unfortunately. I would say perhaps it is due to the fact uncivil behavior really has no consequences in the "blogosphere" of avatar delivered opinions. And this to be fair is only my opinion.
    My roots here go back to a time before Uptown Update or Alderman Schiller. Molly Phelan or Cappleman both of whom I met briefly on saturday, have been around for less time.
    However, this is a CITY, not a small town and the energy they are bringing to this coming election deserves respect. A city neighborhood without new people moving in is dying.
    All of us have essentially already voted with our feet to make this home, so civility is called for.
    We need to make Uptown better together, a not so radical idea.

    And my campaign motto is for ALL of us:

    And of course your all entirely welcome to sign my petition to be on the ballot for Feb. 22nd!

    Cheers everybody,
    Jeffrey Littleton