Monday, October 4, 2010

Donate Red Blood With The Officers In Blue

Police at the 23rd District are hosting a blood drive on Wednesday, October 6 from 9am to 3pm in the 23rd District's James M. O'Connor community room, located next to the 23rd District at 3608 N. Halsted St.  There will be parking available for donors in the small lot located at 3608 N. Halsted.  No appointment is necessary.


  1. You know, a lot of community minded gay men (Uptown, Edgewater Lakeview/Boystown) would be more likely to give blood once the donation rules changed. For those who don’t know, the Red Cross still to this day will not let gay men donate blood. Its ignorant and discriminatory and stigmatizes and entire community, because when the American Red Cross says something, it may as well be wrapped in the flag.. When the CDC said the rules were unnecessary, nothing changed

    They will take blood from prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes, all of whom can easily hide their exposure, but gay men who self-disclose, even if they have had consistent clean HIV tests, cannot donate, because they are being honest. In a day then I can get an HIV test response in 20 minutes, its crazy that the blood donation rules are stuck in the Regan era.

    So while straight people are chowing on that cookie and feeling good about giving blood and “doing the right thing” at the Police Department, keep in mind that a lot more people would like to join you, but by “doing the right thing” they cant.

  2. I did my good deed and give this morning already. I normally give at the VA hospital I go to but I figure it is the least I can do since I am serviced by the 23rd.