Thursday, October 28, 2010

Demolished Island

Sidewalk and street repairs continue. The concrete expanse directly in front of Borders (Broadway & Racine) has been demolished as well as the traffic "island" in front of Pancake House. We assume this has something to do with emergency vehicle access but maybe someone else is "in the know."


  1. The've been recently installing those pinkish curb plates in the area. I can't remember if this island had them but I'm guessing they didn't.

  2. Probably what are called "ada" ramps. Due to lawsuits around the country municipalities are being forced to comply with the American with Disability Act, which among other things provides for VERY strict regulations for sidewalk corner ramps. They have to have extremely shallow angles with extremely tight tolerances. As a result the price of concrete corners has skyrocketed. The time and skilled labor involved as well as blueprints and engineering plans for every corner involved. In many places it is logistically very difficult to design compliant walks, which often ends up in extremely complicated and "weird" looking designs.