Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Care To Decipher This?

The basketball hoop at Broncho Billy Playlot at Sunnyside and Magnolia has been tagged. Whether it is gang-related or not is up for debate.


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  2. Instead of waiting for the city to clean it up, any able neigbor/ block club member should get a ladder + paint brush to fix it. It may cost $10 and 10 minutes of time but the beneifts are obvious. If we keep calling the city for minor things, that would drain resources for other more important isuses.

  3. Andy, so far your campaign has cast doubt on the residency of people who we all know live here, because we've seen them for years and know they're our neighbors. Your idea of how to stop the street brawls is "I talked to the principal of Uplift and she tells me they're not her students." Your solution to gang graffiti is that we all need to buy paint and paint over property that we don't own. I guess that's okay, as long as we can deduct the lawsuit settlements, personal injury insurance, cost of paint, and time reimbursement from our tax bills. Some of us can't afford $10 for paint. Some of us aren't able-bodied enough to climb a ladder. Some of us think painting on other peoples' property is no different from what the taggers do. Mr. Lam, you are making my decision not to vote for you easier and easier.

  4. Boohoo,

    I hope you are not a campaign worker for another candidate. I think using UU to attack other candidates is not a very hornable thing to do.

    It sounds like you don't want to have anything to do with the grafitti in your community and discourage others to take back their block.

    BTW, you can get some free paint from me if you want. That saves you $10.

  5. Boohoo-
    I don't know anything about Andy, but it sounds to me that you are the type of person that wants to sit on their a$$ and not help the neighborhood transform but rather let other people do it for you. Andy and Jeffrey seem to have a great idea. All it takes is a few guys, couple buckets of paint, maybe a powerwasher and then god forbid they talk to their neighbors and business owners to see if they want the graffiti taken off their buildings. You are pretty lame my friend. Me thinks you are just looking for any stupid reason not to vote for Andy. While you may actually have some good reasons, this is not one of them.

  6. I agree with Boohoo.

    Unless you get the ok by the city I would not recommend grabbing ye ole paint brush and heading to the local parks. Private property is a different matter. I am sure there is a union member somewhere getting paid either way to clean this up, might as well let him work for it.

    Also, at any given time there are 30+ heavily armed P Stones crawling around this area. I do not recommend anyone give them the proverbial middle finger and paint over their tags on what they deem as their territory. Call the city, follow protocols, and keep the bulls eye off your back.

    Andy I respect your sentiment, but what you're proposing is a tad reckless.

  7. A couple months ago, I was walking my dog down Montrose first thing in morning and saw new tags on all the light poles from Magnolia to Beacon. The paint was still wet, so I grabbed a sponge and Dawn soap and scrubbed them clean before the paint set!

    It took all of 5 minutes and cost nothing. You can still see the soap scum residue, but it's better than waiting to call 311 and leaving this idiot's scribble until Graffiti Blasters get around to it.

    For the record, I'm 100% for calling 311 but for something so easy, why not just deal with it?

  8. Call the city EVERY TIME. It's a service we pay for, and it documents the (very well known) problem at this play lot.

    Unfortunately, it is going to have to be the caring citizens ON THAT BLOCK that lead the charge on cleaning up that section of Uptown.

    I know that's not what you all might have bargained for, but its the reality. Hopefully the Police, the NEW Alderman, the other neighbors of Uptown, etc. will help, but if the leadership does not come from a very grassroots effort if that section of Uptown is going to improve.

  9. Yes it is good to call 311 so at least they know where the activities are. But I think for minor non-risky issues, people just have to play a more proactive role if they want a desirable community. I am not against people making a living, do you know the true cost of sending a crew of union workers to clean up that grafitti spot? Your tax dollars is being spent.

    The city has a deficit of around $655 billion. That amounts to about $200 per city resident. My point is this: if we save the city on small things that we can do ourselves, the financial picture would look much better. That would reduce the city's borrowing cost as well.

  10. Funny how I never see Andy painting over the graffiti near his office. My friendly advice: Don't ever paint over a graffiti unless you are working for the city! It is not a smart thing to do, even if it's with well intention.

  11. I agree with Andy and Jeff, if everyone has such a problem with it, get up and do something about it! Clearly, the local government does not have the resources to effectively combat the problem. And I can guaruntee nobody with the city is going to cause a fuss about somebody painting over graffiti on public property.

  12. Sounds like a great photo op for Andy. Grab the ladder and the paint and head on over to Bronco Billy Park this afternoon.

    I will alert the media, city, & the P Stones.

    Do it Andy. Put your money where your mouth is. This will go a long way in introducing your platform to the local constituents. I have seen James, Don, & Molly in the last few weeks now let's see you cross Lawrence and come out and help.

    What time will you be arriving?

  13. Sorry it was 655 MILLION. Not billion.

    For those who like to know more about me, I invite you to contact me and stop by at my office.

    Again, your ideas may be better than mine. You may know something I dont.


  14. Whatever Andy is paying his campaign manager isn't enough. There is a reason that the other candidates don't (openly) post on UU.

  15. I agree with Stash - call the city EVERY time you see this. Otherwise nothing is documented and city services are not delivered to the ward.

    There are PLENTY of things that we can do and have done to improve this neighborhood (block club activities, positive loitering, beautification), but removing grafitti is probably something that should be left the professionals. I think the good people of this ward get far more involved in "doing it ourselves" than a lot of other neighborhoods because our current alderman has neglected our quality of life for as long as anyone can remember.

    Andy, if you were alderman and I called in a problem such as this, would you just tell me to grab a paint brush and fix it myself?

  16. I am going to keep this simple and paint the backstop myself tomarrow. Don't alert the media, no ladder I can use a roller pole. Thank you.

  17. Head's Up -

    Craig at "the Broken Heart of Roger's Park" took the initiative to organize a small group to paint over graffiti at a CTA viaduct a year or so ago. They were threatened with arrests if a brush touched the wall.

    Read on:

  18. @ Andy

    I'm not sure I like the idea of expecting or asking for fewer city services because our city council can't balance a budget. I think residents should be able to expect graffiti removal to always be a service the city offers.

    I do, however, like the idea of cleaning graffiti yourself.

  19. Lots of accusations here. I am very proactive in this community and I am not attacking Andy in the disguise of being another candidate's toady. Nice red herring, though, Andy! I am disabled and won't be climbing any ladders with heavy buckets of paint any time soon, thank you very much! I also have two young kids, and we don't go to Bronco Billy Park for any reason ever because of the gangs. You think I want to dis them right in front of them by painting over their tags? They shoot each other for that very reason! Also, I'm out of work and sorry, guys, $10 is a lot of money when I already pay nearly $6K in property taxes and the highest sales tax in the country, exactly so other people get paid to do it. The argument that this is a public school so we all get to do what we want to it is disingenuous. Do you think that because your taxes pay for the school, you can just walk in to any class room or paint the front doors at night because you don't like the color? If so, you are delusional. Call 311, that's what they're there for. Vigilantes generally cross the line into commiting criminal acts themselves, and how do you say someone painting the backstop with tags is illegal and someone painting it with white paint at night is not? No, I am not against an active community, but this is not my property to mess with.

  20. Miss Kitty,

    "Andy, if you were alderman and I called in a problem such as this, would you just tell me to grab a paint brush and fix it myself?"

    If a citizen calls in for case like this, I am sure that I will act on it quickly.

    What I really mean is that every able citizen should take a more responsible role in the well beings of their own community. That's all.

  21. Boohoo, JQL, Chip Douglas all should stop complaining. If you are too afraid of the boys on the corner to go paint it yourself, don't say things like, "Go paint it yourself, I'll alert the P-Stones" blah blah. Really? Are you threatening Andy? If that's your attitude, which makes you sound like a coward, then I WILL GLADLY COME PAINT OVER THAT GRAFFITI, just tell me when and where to pick up the paint and I'll show you what it looks like to take a stand, in person, not on a computer. And CTA, I think Andy posting here openly is great. He's not hiding, you should be happy.

  22. Thank you for your response Andy. I understand what you mean.

    I do however think A LOT of my neighbors already go above and beyond when it comes to "taking on a more responsible role in the well beings of their community."

    I've lived in other parts of the city and have never seen anything like Uptown - where residents pitch in to make the neighborhood a better place to live. I think its like that because we have HAD to because we don't have an alderman with everyone's interests in mind.

    Block clubs, positive loitering, picking up garbage (since our ward only has street cleaning once a month), etc... - these activities are barely heard of in many surrounding wards. We have HAD to do these things to better the community, so maybe that which Helen did to weaken us actually made us stronger?

    Are there some people who just don't care about the community? Sure. I would just be careful about painting everyone with a broad brush - or telling them to get their own brush to fix it. Many of them are probably getting fed up with having to take care of the basic city services that are common day in the other surrounding wards.

  23. Im sorry did I complain about the graffiti? The ONLY thing I did was offer my opinion on what I deemed to be reckless advice coming from an Aldermanic "Candidate" who hasn't seen a block south of Lawrence.

    While the blog world is rumbling about Don being a shill for Helen our "Candidate" Andy has taken her approach of mobilizing office employees to flood blog post that contradict his opinion.

    If Andy's answer is "Do it Yourself" what the hell do we need an Alderman for?

  24. Those are just tags, not gang related.

  25. All you guys that want to paint this stupit and marked up basketball hoop. Stop the talk and get it over with already as around here their will always marked private and city property for all you to see. If you want to fix and repair other peoples private property instead of those who should take responsibility as owners to do it then go ahead and get it over with already. It could have been done in a lot shorter time then writing about it here in the first place.

  26. I am going to paint this tomarrow morning I said. Your welcome to meet me over the Wiseguy and make needless comments while I work.

  27. Its all good again folks. There is some a smaller tag on the black fence, if I had some blk paint I wouldve hit that too.
    Everybody actually has a good point in this post, even Wiseguy because it did take less time to just paint the damn thing.
    I think we as need to do both,report absolutely. At the same time a stitch in time same nine (tags that is)
    Some of us can't do this, are doing other good or just too busy. We all have skills, put them together and anything is possible for Uptown.

    I live close to Bronco Billy Playground, I am aware of the problems, let's work together people.

    Just as Rob Ross in the "brawl" post here on UU saw angry kids and thinks "rugby team", I see graffiti and I think "public art".
    What I mean by this is the teens in Uptown need to have there creative and physical energy focused in a positve compliment of what in fact they are already doing.

    Uptowns kids are our kids!

    I propose we paint an image on each of the backboards at Bronco Billy. Perhaps honoring its cool namesake?

    I know nothing about rugby but this I can help, I've experience with murals.


  28. J-Little,

    You're not really comparing tagging to art are you?

    These hoops aren't exactly La Grande Jatte now are they?

  29. No no no Windy. Quite the opposite. I see unstructure time on kids hands, tagging is not art. These kids need more than a bunch of adults complaining among themselves. I am on the blkberry. Will comment more ltr. I love the reference to Suerat.....well done indeed!

  30. Honestly Jeffrey. You claim to have lived here for many years, yet you have no history of working with your block club, with CAPS, or with any elected officials. You get a latter and some paint, risk the city's liability and do a johnny on the spot paint job. Again, all on your own and with a not so hidden agenda that you also happen to be running for public office. Your inability or unwillingness to work with others is quite clear. I’m not impressed.

  31. Holey moley.....your welcome.
    Just for the record I am not running for alderman...if I was a secret campaign hardly sounds like a winning strategy anyway.
    I do not live in the block club area of Bronco Billy, I am north of Wilson but close enough. Ive been to CAPS meetings, will be at the next one so kindly introduce yourself.
    Thats all.
    Does anyone think painting an image on these backboards may deter future tagging?
    Taggers repect art believe it or not.
    I am willing to paint the image only if there is a consensus among NON-AVATARS who live in the vicinity. If the aforementioned block club (Graceland-Wilson) would like to sponsor and contribute please contact me directly for this or any other public art project. Public art needs public participation. If I have a secret agenda this is it so pay attention:

    The arts should have a place in our time.

    Any questions?

  32. Yes, Jeffrey, a question or two.

    If you're not running for alderman, why did you declare you were, and why were you at a table collecting signatures a few weeks ago at one of the block parties?

    I honestly can't believe a thing you say - because you contradict it in the next post.

    - "each and every high school,"
    - "No, of course I didn't mean each and every high school."

    - "I'm the cadndidate for goodwill and compatability"
    - "I'm the one who calls people names when they disagree with me"

    - "I'm running for alderman"
    - "No, I'm not running for alderman."

    Congrats on not getting arrested while you were slapping paint on someone else's property. That's an accomplishment, I guess.

  33. @ TSN. Are you Capplemans partner....? Just a hunch.
    I will make you a deal TSN: you amswer one of my questions and I will amswer one ofyours. Fair enough?

  34. No, not James's partner. Nice try, though. I'm the wrong gender, for starters.

    Nice red herring to get out of answering questions. You asked first, remember? Or is that just another thing you'll deny saying?

    Scroll up the page to your 3:13 post. You said "Any questions?" I asked them. And you so sweetly and coyly said that you'd answer if I did.

    Seriously, dude, get a fact checker.

    Now, about why you're collecting signatures on aldermanic petitions, and have declared multiple times that you're a candidate, yet you deny you're running?

  35. You have misquoted me TSN. Not very nice.

    Also for the record: I lived at Dover and Sunnyside in the early 90's when my son was a bouncing baby boy. So long ago.

    I am not going to have a little tiff with a avatar....its just plain silly.

    Does anyone TSN or otherwise believe that the arts can have a role in making Uptown a better community?

    Anybody like to take a crack at that one?

  36. Are you in any way associated with the Cappleman campaign TSN? I ask this in the spirit of full disclosure. As Holey Moley suggested in his or her post secret campaigns for alderman are not a good thing.

    If your a supporter that is fine no problem, if you are actively involved in his campaign and making comments annonymously I find that a little deceptive if not manipulative.

    For all the readers of this blog know your a middle-aged Russian guy in a bathrobe in Tucson Arizona.

    Since I am the one using my real name after all< why should I answer your biting little questions?
    ....I hope the next alderman isn't as afraid of Uptown as the many opinionated avatars and the crazy things they type.

  37. And the bird in the profile is my painting so it counts as HA!

  38. Why not in Uptown?

    We have empty storefronts, new and vintage.

    We have artists.......Uptown has talent!!!

    We can fill the majority of the vacant retail space on Wilson and Broadway within a year.

    Why not in Uptown?! Why not now?

  39. I will make you a deal TSN: you amswer one of my questions and I will amswer one ofyours. Fair enough? -Jeffery Littleton

    Care to be a man of your word? You made a promise. Were you telling people that you were running for alderman?

    If your a supporter that is fine no problem, if you are actively involved in his campaign and making comments annonymously I find that a little deceptive if not manipulative. -Jeffrey Littleton

    You mean, kinda like after living here for decades, you found a sudden interest to do some problem solving with the community and it has nothing to do with you telling people that you had intentions of running for alderman? Did you start going to CAPS after you declared your intentions to run?

    Is that what you mean by deceptive?

  40. You guys should check out broken heart rogers park,

    king of the least amount of posts with the most comments.

    I have personally spearheaded
    a campaign of zero tolerance of litter. Are there any followers?
    Im not sure, its very dead over at the blogosphere in Rogers Park.

    Glad to see the spirited discussion here and nice to see a blogmaster that gives enough posts for people to discuss the problems of the neigborhood.

    I have personally boycotted the Common Cup in Roger Park
    because they refuse to help pickup any litter right in front of their cafe because its the parkway and "there is a whole building on top of us" as one of the baristas said. I havent been in there for coffee since probably late August.

    I think they have banned me for life. But atleast there is charmers coffee with thoreau's corner. So Rogers Park has some heart.

  41. Jeffrey Littleton, of the 28 new posts on UU today, you have made 9 of them, basically one-third of the posts today. The tone is getting increasingly taunting and self-centered rather than Uptown-centric. The moderators acknowledge that it's an exciting time in Uptown with the upcoming elections and things are running at a higher pitch than usual, but it's not even the end of the day and nine posts by anyone is excessive. There are rarely days when the entire UU team posts as many as 9 new daily items.

    Let's everyone try to keep it to a manageable number of daily posts. Surely one can express one's thoughts in three or four posts, maximum.

  42. Yes "caring neighbor" but my name keeps coming up and I respond.
    The moderators always have the option of not posting comments and its your blog so do as you see fit.

    There is nothing excessive about standing up in your own name and fixing a problem here in Uptown.

    I do assume you will eventually just block me out anyway right?

  43. far as my garage door goes, it just took a little water and 'Dawn for Dishes' to remove our beloved 'Clam Chouder' from the door.

    Beyond that, I get the feeling that 'Jeffrey' seems a bit unhinged?

    Sad to say, but the only bright spot with plunging temperatures/winters, is a slight drop in crimel

  44. I mean no disrespect to the Uptown Update. However I feel at this time the views I express are unwanted in this forum. At this time I must stand down. I thank you everybody for the support and with love for our Uptown.


    Jeffrey Littleton

  45. Andy, so what you are saying is that we shouldn't rely on the city and you want to be an alderman?

    You are one wacky candidate.

  46. So jeffrey littleton
    storms onto the uptown update stage and then leaves with 1 or 2 negative comments?

    I have had it out a few times on Broken Heart.
    Better to have more discussion than less, true there can be overkill with too many posts in a row though

  47. Yes I am unhinged and a madman because I painted over a piece of grafitti. Your sooooooo smart!

    Whatever happened to people taking care of business?

    I dunno....people just kinda like to complain what can I say...and the interweb allows them to do it ignorantly and blunt-like with complete anonimity.
    Yea...its kinda like that. So instead of intelligent and contributive active I leave goofball comments like this.....your welcome.
    If I in some way offended anybody by over-painting a slice of grafitti, or stimulated your conspiratorial antenna I kinda-sorta apologize.
    Why even have UU, just call 311!

  48. glad you painted over it
    j littleton
    i think its fine.

    When its on buildings i leave it to 311 and graffiti remover guys.
    But smaller stuff i think is okay.

    Its true you have to watch out for the gang guys though.

  49. I am glad that Mr Littleton did what he said. His action just saved the city or the taxpayer at least $200. He deserves a big Thank You from the neighbors.

  50. Hello Bronco Billy lovers. I know y'all want to keep up with my painting exploits so please check out the latest post on UU "Edgewater....".
    If we can't agree on how to get rid of "unwanted" artwork, maybe we can agree on how to attract "fine art" to Uptown.
    If we can attract ARTR to Uptown...ART will attract better businesses to fill the chronic vacuum of unused retail space.

    The arts don't need Uptown...Uptown needs the arts....