Thursday, October 28, 2010

Broadway & Sunnyside, Now & Then

Hat tip to the Uptown Chicago History blog for linking to Michael Finnestad's family ancestry blog showing this great photo from 1920 of the "Terminal Garage." The garage was owned by Finnestad's grandfather and stood at present-day Broadway and Sunnyside. After doing a bit of research on one of our favorite sites, "Historic Aerials," we learned that this building stood just about where Target's main entrance is today. The building directly to the south of it is the Arcadia Ballroom.

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  1. Hey UU...
    Thanks for sharing; I clicked on the Arcardia Ballroom photo and imagined what could have happened it that beauty wasn't torn down.

    With a bit of creativity and community planning, that building could have become the first World Public Market in Chicago. A place that actually drew folks from around the world to shop of fresh produce, eat at the International Food Court, give the kids a place to see real live lobsters and crabs. Imagine that!