Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2 Charged With Using Taser To Rob Uptown Woman

via Chicago Breaking News:
A Dunbar high school student and a man were charged with using a Taser to rob a woman in the Uptown neighborhood, police said today.

Linda Warner, 18, of the 7300 Block South Peoria Street, and Tony Windmon, 20, of the 6700 block of South Marshfield Avenue, were charged late Tuesday with armed robbery with a dangerous weapon, police said. They are expected to appear in bond court today.

The robbery happened about 2:35 a.m. on the 1300 block of West Argyle Avenue when Warner, a Dunbar Vocational Career Academy High School student allegedly walked up to the woman while holding a Taser, police said. Continue Reading


  1. I wonder if Ms. Warner made it to school that morning. Wouldn't you gas up before committing the crime. Or go to a gas station that is not two or so blocks from the scene of the crime? Thankfully they didn't.

  2. They probably needed the money for gas.

    Genius at work.

    Nice work by the Police Department.

  3. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the people who get arrested for crimes they commit in our neighborhood...aren't from anywhere NEAR our neighborhood? Are we such easy pickins that we draw these cretins here on criminal excursions? I'd love to hear from the aldermanic candidates about what strategies they would employ with the CPD and neighborhood organizations and schools and businesses to make it clear that we welcome legitimate visitors but will not take crime laying down.

  4. "Are we such easy pickins that we draw these cretins here on criminal excursions ?"

    Yes, you are. You are considered to be easy prey by the beast. Act accordingly or be killed and eaten.

  5. Many of these people know some of our neighbors. These neighbors are staying in apartments owned by irresponsible landlords. The key is to go after the bad landlords and call 911 if we see people who certainly have no business on our streets. The Police could probably searched them and discovered the Taser before it was used against the victim. I walked my dog on that stretch of Argyle also and for most part it was pretty quiet. We just cannot let the guard down ,especially the holiday seasons are coming fast....

  6. I wish the police could go and search these apartments but the truth is you need some search warrents from the judges that you will have a chance to vote yes or no for and I think you need good causes to even think about getting ones. The irresponsible landlords of these slums need to investagate and patrol their property better instead of just putting their priority on just rent collections.

  7. Great people.
    Yeah, Bad people and their bad friends. I guess when your visiting up from the south side you might as well rob some people while your up here.

    I posted it on the latest entry,
    didnt know about this,
    but I am in uptown alot and although I dont live there, I used to stay over at winnemac west of broadway....

    But yesterday I called in a dice game in session at kenmore and argyle. And I called 311 for graffiti in that same area.

  8. "Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the people who get arrested for crimes they commit in our neighborhood...aren't from anywhere NEAR our neighborhood?"

    Yeah, the moron from 1000 West Balmoral who led the chase from Belmont to Portage Park last week came FROM your neighborhood TO mine. Thanks. We appreciate it.

  9. Andy, you are using this incident to leap to a statement about bad landlords. Unless you know the people involved in this incident you can't use it as an opportunity to come down on the landlords who had nothing to do with this. These two who are charged live on the south side and one is a high school student at a school that is also on the south side.

    If you would have read the complete article the woman DID call the police, the police DID search the suspects and discovered the taser before it was used against it.

    So however you come to the conclusion that the key to this incident is to go after bad landlords which may be part of another separate problem in Uptown is a mystery, but I know it's part of your Action Plan, which includes tracking sex offenders with GPS devices attached to them.

  10. "Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the people who get arrested for crimes they commit in our neighborhood...aren't from anywhere NEAR our neighborhood?"

    It's going to continue and may get worse. Check out the secondcitycop blog. Word is that Weis is going to reallocate officers to districts with the highest crime rates. I don't know how many will get "reallocated" but it could conceivably impact Uptown and Edgewater. Surely the criminals will commute to easier pickin's...

  11. The Pirate of the Celtic Cross may have called it on this one. They ran out of gas......and luck so it seems.
    Its a good thing the Taser isn't as easy to operate as-seen-on-TV.
    These two may be stupid but hats off to the CPD for being heads-up and getting the job done.

    Your welcome and thank you for your enlightening and most thoughtful means a lot!

  12. @Jeffrey, you're welcome. I am always happy to help!

  13. Thanks David, I am glad your happy and cozy out there. By the way Einstein...Balmoral is in Edgewater, not Uptown. The next time someone shatters the peace in your part of the Blissful Bungalow Belt kindly direct your snarky little pout to the appropriate blog. I am sure they have at least one up there.
    It has been said on other on occasions in this blog that when something bad happens its Uptown....something good...its Edgewater, Lakeview, Boystown, etc.
    How true! So have a good day David, I hope your community stays as dull as you like it.


    Jeffrey Littleton

    Uptown is Home!!

  14. @Jeffrey. Wow. Angry much?

    It was actually tongue-in-cheek, but I do appreciate your rage. And you are correct. Technically Balmoral is two blocks out of Uptown. No doubt, you got me!

    Frankly, having read a few hundred comments on this blog over time, you are one of the very, very few people not striving for a "boring"* neighborhood.

    In any case, you don't play nice with others, so I don't want to play with you any more.

    Stay Home in Uptown!

    * boring means minimal violent crime.