Friday, September 17, 2010

Watch College Football This Fall At Driftwood

Driftwood at 1021 W. Montrose has decided to open up this fall for college football starting at noon on Saturdays.

$2.50 Miller Lite Bottles
$4.50 Smirnoff Flavor Drinks

Lots of TV's to watch your favorite college teams and dog friendly!

They will also be open Sundays for Bears games.


  1. Maybe I'm a bit persnickety on this, but if you're going to open for CFB, you gotta open before noon, because kickoff is at noon. Let's make it 11:30 there Driftwood.

  2. RIght. They'll ve open before noon. I'll have two beers in me my noon! I'll also be kicking off my mayoral campaign so stop by!