Friday, September 24, 2010

Under Uptown

We've seen some pretty deep potholes, but they're nothing compared to this sewer cover opening on Broadway just south of Foster.  It's so deep, it's practically geologic.  Hard to tell from this photo, but the street "crust" appears to be at least 5 inches deep, and the underlying layer seems to be at least 15-18 inches below that.  A rare peek into what's below the streets we travel every day.


  1. Paging, Don Nowatny. Paging, Don Nowatny. We have a big pothole for you Mr. Nowatny. (although I honestly don't know if that is technically his responsibility or geographic boundry.)

  2. This looks like a sewer cavein. All the wards are trying to get holes like this fixed. It's difficult because thanks to the mayors priorities the water/sewer dept. is severely short on manpower. Although all the new median/planters, tif projects etc..are going full steam.