Friday, September 24, 2010

Sign Painter Needed (Apply Next Spring)

This sign (on Broadway, at Argyle) is still valid, but will be completely out of date in a few months.

Whose names will go on the updated sign?  That's up to you.

Be sure to vote in February. Make that commitment to yourself NOW.


  1. Can we paint over it now??? Please, oh please, oh please!!!

  2. What is it going to cost us taxpayers to paint over King Ritchie's name? It's plastered everywhere! My guess is $2-3M.

  3. I cringe, every time I walk by this sign, which by the way, is located far north of the 46th Ward's Hellish, daily nightmares.

    'ChicagoNorthsider', I'm sure 'Clam Chowder' or any other toxic street artist, could fix this.

  4. That sign shows one of the reason many business owners on argyle street don't contact their local alderman--They are not sure which ward they are in! While that sign is on the 48th, part of argyle street a little farther east before Sheridan is part of the 46th....

  5. Why don't we stop putting ANYONE's name on these signs. Didn't Quinn stop putting his name on state signs to save money??