Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shots Fired; At Least Two Injured

A reader's photo of Sheridan and Windsor

A reader photo of the police search at
the former site of El Pollo Loco (Sheridan/Wilson)
At about 6:00 this evening, a reader reports hearing "Shots fired & shouting from what sounded like the block of Hazel immediately south of Wilson (just west of our place / just south of Uplift High School)."  Police were on the scene immediately -- multiple squad cars and an ambulance.  "The shooting may have continued after the police arrived."

Another reader tells us "One male (shot in the foot) and one female (shot in the leg) at 927 Wilson.  Police said that more shots were fired after they arrived. They are looking for more victims."

Update:  Added from the UU Facebook page--
"9 shots. Possibly 2 people shot. Shots were so close to the buildings, we literally dropped to the floor and crawled to the phone to call police!  ... Sadly this isn't the first. The shots were between the old Burger King [UU Note: more recently Pollo Loco] and towards Sunnyside. After the shots were fired, the police came and all of a sudden there was a lot of yelling on Sheridan near Sunnyside... and then people (men, women, young and old) started running towards Wilson where the Burger King used to be. Not sure if they were scared of someone shooting again or they were part of the shooting? The police apprehended a bunch of people at Wilson/Sheridan and had them leaning with their hands on the fence. There was more going on towards Sunnyside, but couldn't see what was happening. It was complete and utter chaos. Saw the guy who got shot in the foot or leg. His friends were holding him up before the ambulance came."

Update 2:  "At the CAPS Beat 2312 meeting tonight, the sgt. told us that the police were just down the street when the shooting occurred and were there in 10 seconds."

Update 3:  According to WGN Breaking News, the shooting happened on the 4500 block of Sheridan.


  1. Just drove through the aftermath. Counted a total of 7 police cars including a paddy wagon. Was able to see 3 people in custody all handcuffed in front of the old Pollo Loco.

  2. I heard the shots as well. Before they happened I saw two SUVs race down windsor (despite the speed bumps) One large and black and one a white escalade. Seconds later was the sound of gunshots and then the police were racing over the speed bumps. A few minutes later a girl was screaming at another man about how she had seen the whole thing and he didn't even care.

    ..just lovely..

  3. Walked by around 6:15pm, only several minutes after it all happened. Approximately four police cars, including a wagon, at the SE corner of Wilson and Sheridan. Many of the police were looking in the parking lot and surrounding shrubbery of the former Pollo Loco property, presumably for guns, casings, evidence, etc. Another grouping of police officers one block south on the NE corner of Sheridan and Windsor. Here, there is red tape around some of the convenience stores on Sheridan, so presumably at least some of the shooting occurred here.

    In talking with passersby, I got hearsay information that four people were shot, one of which was a pregnant woman. Police commander Boehmer on the scene, along with a large police presence.

  4. There was still a police presence at Wilson at about 6:40, I noticed after a Target trip.
    Sad to say, it looked like business as usual on this cursed street.

  5. Ugh.

    People in custody is great.

    Clean up public housing NOW!

  6. This doesn't sound gang-related. Does anyone have more information? This is sickening...

  7. News Update: Uptown shooting sends 2 to hospital Man, teen girl wounded on Chicago's North Side - A man and a teenage girl were wounded tonight in the city's Uptown neighborhood.... Police officials say a 17-year-old female and a 29-year-old male were
    shot in the 4500 block of North Sheridan Avenue shortly after 6 p.m. The female suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and the male was shot in the foot, according to police officials. A Chicago Fire Department spokesperson says both victims were transported in good condition to Illinois Masonic Hospital. Police continue to investigate. - WGN News Alerts

  8. I wrote into Uptown update about this at 6:07 after calling 911 as I saw the events from my window on Windsor. Not sure why it wasn't posted. The shots were fired at a group of juveniles who were gathered on the corner of Windsor and Sheridan. The kids scattered in all directions, some past my window on Windsor, some fled North on SHeridan (towards Wilson). I later heard some of the neighborhood kids screaming and crying about how their neighborhood girlfriend who is 17 and pregnant was shot, and how they couldn't believe that there was retaliation for an event that happened so long ago and that the gunman actually tied to go after the "boss"-they repeated the word "boss" over and over again. Also they kept screaming about why these "guys" get themselves involved in all of this for the money yet they still don't live a rich life...this went on and on for several minutes--one of the girls was hysterical about her friend.

  9. The shooting occurred in the 4500 block of N. Sheridan [corner of Sheridan and Windsor]. I live across the street and was home at the time. I heard around 5 shots, grabbed the phone and ran to the window. I saw a pregnant young woman on the ground, grabbing her leg and screaming. A number of police cars showed up to deal with it and the shooter came back for one more shot. [By that time I was outside and had to dive.] The police went after the shooter. I don't know if they got him/her/them or not. Shortly after that two guys carrying a third man walked toward the crime scene from the direction of Wilson. The man seemed to have been shot in the foot.

    According to some of the folks who were outside at the time of the shooting, this was a drive-by. I don't know the description of the car or if it was gang related.

  10. Sorry, Emily, Hotmail put your email in the spam folder. I didn't see it until around 9, when the item had already been posted. Kind of ironic, since you were the first person to write in. Sorry!

  11. i wish there were enough policemen to just hang out on those corners permanantly. cameras dont cut it. one can dream.

  12. Happening now in broad daylight-OMG.I think some cars should be pulled over to be checked,if there is nothing in these cars aginst the law then the drivers should not be mad if they have nothing to hide.Might help find some of these guns before they shoot them off.

  13. How long were the juveniles
    "gathered" at the corner?

    This is why I have an absolute zero tolerance for any kind of loitering at my corner in Rogers Park.

    If I lived by this corner,
    I would demondial 911 every 10-15 minutes if any kindof loitering was going on at this corner.

    Why? Well to prevent this exact kindof crap.

  14. They put up check points for seat belts and set up undercover cops that jump into cross walks and give you tickets for not stopping. I feel the Chicago City Police Chief could have their officers spend there time more efficiently and get them to go after these punks that shoot and kill instead of wasting their talents on ticket swat teams.

  15. Wiseguy -- the reasoning behind seat belt checks isn't to make sure Dick, Jane and Sally are belted safely in.

    The reasoning is, bad guys who don't pay attention to big laws (think DUI, drug possession, showing up in court, registering firearms) also don't pay attention to small laws (like wearing one's seat belt).

    If an officer at a checkpoint finds that they're not wearing a seat belt, that gives the officer the right to search them and their car.

    And that's why seat belt checkpoints always result in arrests of of people driving drunk, in possession of illegal weapons, carrying drugs, having open warrants, etc., etc.

    Checkpoints are good things. Maximum arrests with minimum effort.


    Checkpoints are good things. Maximum arrests with minimum effort.


  17. Helen sure is leaving a great legacy to remember her by.

    We'll be cleaning up her mess for years.

  18. Truman Squarenabor- I see you bought the story, hook line and sinker. Seatbelt missions are about making money, nothing else. Oh, I know, the city will tout the occasional "success story" about how we were able to capture some desperado because of a seatbelt mission. I think there have been maybe five arrests citywide as a result of these seatbelt missions. Considering that we have probably run thousands, an optimistic person might consider that a success. Me, I consider it a huge waste of time and an intrusion. But hey, we can say "we made some arrests" as result of these missions. And I guess that's all that really matters.

  19. The male was the intended target because there was a prior altercation with the offender.
    The shooter struck the male in the foot and a female in the foot as well.
    The offender was apprehended at Sheridan and Lawrence. Great job CPD.

    Keep calling 911 when you see suspicious behavior. Give as detailed of a description as you possibly can.

    Witness information is crucial, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Also, call your local Alderman and demand more police officers be hired. The police department is thousands of officers understaffed.

  20. thanks for the update, Northsider!

    shooter didn't get too far, huh? hopefully there are complaining witnesses and this can be prosecuted.