Friday, September 24, 2010

New Uptown Community Supported Agriculture Program‏

A reader writes:  "I live in the area and been looking for an Uptown CSA pick-up spot for a while; I just found out about this program, which has a sign-up deadline of [Friday] - don't know too much about it, but thought UU readers might be interested."

Seems like a really good thing, and as stated, the monthly deadline for ordering is today, so if you'd like to join this month, you need to hurry.  If you miss it, it's the last Friday of every month.

Uptown CSA:  "Organic Produce Is Coming to Uptown!  Uptown Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), is a way for Uptown residents to buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, directly from local farmers. We are partnering with Growing Power and Inspiration Corporation.  Growing Power will provide several options for fresh fruits and vegetables grown by small-scale sustainable farmers. Inspiration’s Cafe Too has agreed to be the designated pickup location."

Update: "Thanks for posting information on Uptown CSA. Tonight is the preferred last chance to order for the month, but as we are just starting, we can continue to take orders through via mail throughout the month. Order forms are available at Questions can be directed to"