Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Huge Political Game Changer

Rich Daley, Peter Holsten and Helen Shiller
at the Target opening this summer.
(courtesy of Lake Effect News)
Mayor Daley will not run for re-election.

Anyone want to take under/over bets on how big a turnout there is for the February election? 

Aldermanic candidates, fasten your seat belts.  It's gonna be a bumpy ride!


  1. This will be Chicago politics that I have not experienced in my adult life, to the maximum!

  2. From now on even I am not going to listen to my political predictions.

    I felt for sure Daley was running.

    This changes the game in the 46th and citywide.

    It's political ARMA gedd EON!

    This is gonna be fun.

    I am floored.

    I was told two or three weeks ago that he was gearing up his campaign to run. Last time I listen to some drunken 19th ward politico at a wedding.

    Time to 'take the cheese".

    If Rahm Emanuel announces he is running I'm going into full political combat mode. MRE's, camo paint, and a battle to the political death.

    Emanuel is like a smarter nastier version of Daley. Rudy Giuliani with a Jewish pedigree.

    Time to fight folks because:

    Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
    H. L. Mencken

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Mayor Daley should have stepped down at least one term ago. I hope that the archaic Democratic machine that's monopolized Chicago since 1931 finally expires and gives way to more modern, competitive leadership. Today should be a city-wide holiday!

  4. Now we know why Shiller isn't running. With a huge mayoral race on the ticket, we're going to have MASSIVE turnout in the 46th ward, so no way she could bus herself to the victory. To many real residents were going to show up.

  5. I rather suspected this after he got hit with the parking meter fiasco and the rejection of the Olympics. So far the alderperson from the 32nd Ward (Scott W.) impresses me the most.

    Ladies & gents, place your bets!

  6. I was hedging my bets he wouldn't seek another term, given his wife's health issues. He's been a great asset to this city, despite what his detractors may say, and will be missed.

    Between the many aldermen not seeking another term, the anti-...incumbent atmosphere that's developed and this news...My, how this election season has just gotten REALLY interesting for Chicagoans!

  7. I really hope Tom Dart runs.

    This is wild though! So many politicians clearly cannot handle the heat of the recession and anti-incumbency.

  8. ...and now we have the reason why Shiller isn't running. I was ready to spit my coffee out if I saw her name on the list of "maybes"...but luckily that didn't happen. She can't get the push from da machine. I am happy to see all these new candidates for the 46th come out! Shows you how much potential our ward has. I mean, Wrigelyville to the south and Andersonville to the North and we have a shooting gallery along wilson.

  9. IP - I refer you to an earlier discussion on this very matter between you and I, and will leave it at that. ;)

    Rahm's decision will come about after the mid-terms. POTUS COS life spans aren't long and a 1994 redux might facilitate a return home; but anything less than that might keep him in DC.

    To Dart: I hear it's darned near official that his teetering hat is nearing a date w/gravity.

    Overall, tho - considering the current condition of this city's finances, whomever does end up winning is in for 4 years of pure crap.

  10. Yo,


    Even a few days ago Bill Daley was talking like Richard the 2nd would run. Add that to the "pander bear" condo conversion ordinance last week and I felt for sure Daley was running.

    Watching the video makes me suspect his wife's health was an important factor. Perhaps the primary factor. Running a tough campaign when she is gravely ill and likely pressuring him not to run would not be pleasant.

    I fully expect Rahmbo to run. Along with Dart, Houlihan and a gaggle of others. It will be a race to make the runoff.

    I'm considering running with the slogan "It'll be heaven in 2011!"

    Or "Pirate, before it's too late!"

    Or "Why not?"

    Or "Hey, how bad could he be?"

    Or "Less experience means less thievin'"

    Or "Irish.....ain't that enough?"

    Or "No recent convictions!"

    Or "A Guinness in every fridge".


  11. Rod Blagojevich or Betty Loren Maltese gets my vote if she runs as Alderman or Mayor.

  12. It all make sense now! Shiller decides not to run for alderman....she is going to run for mayor!

  13. Daley asked to borrow a billion dollars today, then announces he is out in February. You know what the media is not talking about today??? The BILLION DOLLARS. Suckers.

    The new Mayor will inherit a city on financial life support.

  14. HaHa Hopeless-I was thinking the same thing.

  15. Now how do we get rid of Madigan so all the rats can scurry?

  16. Hold on to your TIFs. I'd expect those accounts to start draining real soon.

  17. I would say this negates any "connections" advantage that Don Nowotny's campaign might have had.

    Without Daley, the support Don is supposed to be receiving from Shiller is worthless. Who wants your biggest behind-the-scenes supporters to be two lame ducks, leaving a very unpopular regime and a big ol' mess behind?

  18. I'd have to agree. This doesn't bode well for the ponytailed juggernaut.

    I don't quite know how to factor the mayoral imbroglio into the 46th Ward race. Certainly higher turnout.

    Who does it help?

    Beats me. I'm still reeling from Daley not running.

    Methinks Maggie hit him over the head with her cane at the summer home over the holiday weekend.

  19. Maybe Shiller will run? LOLOLOLOLOL I kid, I kid.

  20. I have to comment on the classic photo, heading this posting!

    Daley looks fine, but the other two look either waxen or thoroughly disgusted! It is just too strange....

  21. I just watched the rebroadcast of Channel 11's "Chicago Tonight".

    The entire show focused on Daley's announcement.


    Should be up later today online.

    Mary Ann Smith spoke as did other aldermen and a bunch of reporters.