Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Feet On Wilson

From a satisfied reader:

Just thought I'd share a positive Uptown experience. I just returned from my $10 hour-long foot massage at The Squat Team (1352 W. Wilson) and am pleasantly surprised with my visit. (Forgot her name already but Kristin or Christine) was very nice and has created a warm, welcoming oasis from Wilson Ave space that was very relaxing (I almost fell asleep). She has intentionally kept her prices low so that classes and massages are affordable and accessible to anyone (which is true yoga philosophy anyway, but you wouldn't know it from how much yoga studios in Lincoln Park charge!). I'd highly recommend stopping by for a visit or two, or three, this place is well worth it! Her site is


  1. This is absolutely an oasis of peace and tranquility in the neighborhood. Christine's mission is to make people feel good--GO! Let her! The foot massage is completely legit and a screaming deal at $10. I know it sounds cheap, but it's part of her mission. Don't argue, just go.

  2. Thank you UU for this great post. Christine is a GEM. Great foot massage complete with reflexology feedback, great energy, great lil' gong at the end. I left totally relaxed and insisted on giving her more than the $10 price. Uptown needs more places like Happy Feet! Give her a call now!! Two Julies can't be wrong :)