Friday, September 17, 2010

Fade To Black

A reader sends in the following photos and info:

"Workers are painting the green street lights/poles black at Irving Park and Broadway. Must be more affordable than replacement."


  1. I'm all for painting them - if they aren't broke, why fix them? They'll at least look better.

    Now if they would only paint or replace the awful ones at Lawrence and Broadway....

  2. Miss Kitty-
    You might suggest that to Mary Ann's office.

  3. I say paint away. If an inexpensive solution like paint can extend the life AND make them looking about 1000% percent better, go for it.

    @ Miss Kitty. You are right about Lawrence and Broadway. I really noticed during the streetfest how awful those light poles are. Shame too, because that Uptown Square there is really coming along nicely!

    A good paint job is a relatively inexpensive alternative to replacement at this point, although continuity from Montrose to north of Lawrence would make a whole lot of sense for the continued revitalization of Uptown.

  4. I've seen them do this same thing down on Wabash, but I'd still like to see an "after" shot of this pole anyways.

  5. Thanks Uptown Updater - I have contacted Mary Ann Smith's office twice about painting them (last year) and unfortunately got nowhere. I was told there were plans for new lights at one time, but it was put on hold, etc..., etc...

    That's why I saw paint away. A little goes a long way.