Monday, September 13, 2010

Darkness On The Edge Of (Up)Town

Lots of major lighting outages these days. Last night we noticed that Clark, between Lawrence and Montrose, has no street lighting at all, and now a reader writes: "I was just curious as to why the street lights are out on Wilson? I live at the corner of Wilson and Sheridan and have been bothered that none of the street lights have been on for the past 3-4 days. The area would feel a little safer if the streets were actually lit, especially at night. Who can I call about this?"

Readers, please call 311 about this, and keep calling until we've got lights again. It's been a little scary around here lately, and having lighting seems to be the least we deserve as far as safety goes.

The area where the lights are out on Clark is part of Ald. Schulter's ward, so you might want to contact his office about that outage. He seems responsive to constituents from the limited contact we've had with him and if the Clark outage is connected with the streetscaping, he can probably give us an estimated date that the lights will be back on.


  1. The lights on Clark are out because of the street work going on... they have the lights on the west side down completely and the east side is out because they have the street torn up. Not much they can do about it until the power is back on.

  2. I called 311 for some street lighting that was out on Lawrence between Broadway and Beacon about a month ago. I could see where the wire was down.

    After having been out for several weeks, it took about 1 week to get them fixed after I called.

    I also agree with Bret. I walked down Clark the other night. It was dark because they are working on the street scaping. Suggest folks use an alternate route after dark, travel in groups, and be particularly alert until the work is done.