Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chicagoist Talks to Don Nowotny

From the 10With feature at Chicagoist:

"The political process in Chicago's 46th ward can be both fascinating and frustrating, but it's always worth watching. It's especially interesting when the field is incumbent-free and the gloves come off. That's the case this election cycle, and we're documenting this years race to take over Helen Schiller's office. We kick off this week with the first half of our conversation with Don Nowotny: community activist, Ward Superintendent and candidate for alderman."

Part 1 is here, and Part 2 is here.


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  2. Hey, Alderman is technically a high-pay part-time job. Does that make Nowotny more qualified than fully employed candidates? I'd love to spend more time at the gym. Maybe I'll run for Alderman!!!

  3. Uptown...

    A. That is Worlds Gym at Montrose and Sheridan. I am surprised a member like yourself would not know the difference.

    B. I can attest to Don working out ONLY after his shift. I spend a lot of time there. I asked him a few times his hours, and he starts very early each morning.

    Let's keep our eye on the issues at hand.

  4. Chippie,

    is right. Let's deal with the real issues.

    I don't intend to vote for Don, but this seems like an unfair comment.

    Me, I'm all about fair comments.

    Like the fact that Don has suddenly become the Mary Magdalene of Uptown Politics. Sixteen years at the public trough and now he sees the error of Helen's ways.

    Praise Jaysus!

    Whatever you may think of the other candidates not a one of them has had a city job for 16 years and was arguably beholden to the local aldercritter.

    The only candidate who fits that description has a ponytail, and is named Nowatny.

    See, I can be fair.

  5. Don still knows ever street in the ward and many of the residents. He has been a very responsive streets and san sup.

    As far as why he hasn't been beating the drum against Helen all these years, I am not sure I know of any ward sups that take a public stand against the alderman in their own learn to work with who has been elected....let's not be too biased...just my thoughts.

  6. I'm not going to beat Don up because he has held a city job for 16 years. I am going to look at whether he has done his job well. I think he has been great. Always responsive to the needs in our part of the ward...BTW- Our block club is split between 46/48th so we often call both sups for assistance. Don would get the job done everytime.

  7. I noticed that Don's website no longer states that if elected he would not permit any more public housing being built in Uptown. I'm curious as to whether he is already back peddling on his campaign promises or just trying to downplay his position to avoid alienating Helen supporters. When are we going to get a debate??

  8. uptowndads, you're telling me that Don is good at being a ward superintendent. The election is about electing a good alderman. Huge difference.

    Making sure garbage is picked up and snow is shoveled is the ward superintendent's job, not the alderman's. Outside of doing his job as ward superintendent where he gets a hefty salary, what has he done?

    However, the white elephant in the room has been his long silence about Helen. If he couldn't stand up to Helen, what makes you think he could stand up to the next mayor? He's been too silent about reasons for his silence.

  9. I can assure you that I am very happy to rid of Helen and her politics. She has held back our community for far too long. But Don is not a bad guy because he didn't get on the bash Helen wagon with the rest of us. It is fair for you and everyone to press him on the issues that are important to each of us, but don't assume his silence while working as the ward super means he supports her or her public housing.

  10. It's not about a candidate being nice or a good guy or has a history of doing his paid work. All the candidates have done well on their jobs.

    Few of the candidates have a history of being advocates for the 46th Ward. I haven't seen Don exhibit any evidence of being an advocate. If you think being a ward superintendent qualifies someone for being an alderman, then let's make it easy and make the 2 jobs into one. However, there's a reason why those 2 jobs are kept separate.

    I've yet to see any past evidence that Don has been an advocate to address public safety issues, TIF reform, or retail development. Silence until a declared candidacy is too little, too late.

  11. Don's S & S experience makes him no less qualified to run the entire 46th ward than Sandra Reed's experience at 46th ward Democratic Committeeman made her qualified to run the entire ward

  12. The thing I appreciated about Sandra was that she didn't expect to be paid to do what she did.