Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Car Accident Near Lawrence & Clarendon

A reader sends in the following info and pic:
"Here's what's left several hours after a Brown Jeep Cherokee crashed into two cars parked on Lawrence in front of the nursing home just west of Clarendon. I left for work this morning to find that Cherokee with the front end smashed sitting in the bus stop and the other two cars pushed up onto the sidewalk. Those cars had significant damage along the driver's side. Around lunchtime, only this car was left. Does anyone know when this accident happened and what happened?"
Another reader sends in a photo of the damage to parked cars

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  1. I know-- woke us up at 5am today! It was two cars that hit each other and the parked cars were innocent bystanders. Cops came, so I assume everything was on the up and up.