Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Horse In The Race


  1. Tippecanoe and Befakadu too!

    Retta is ready!

    This race is getting more interesting by the day.

    Who's next?

    So far we gotz two gay white men.

    One non gay white cop. Male, standard Irish edition.

    A female lawyer of the pasty Irish version.

    A southeast Asian immigrant.

    An Ethiopian immigrant.

    Again, who are we missing?

    Are there any Jewish Lesbian refugees from Castro available to run? Preferably with a hispanic surname.

    If everyone gets on the ballot, which I doubt, you could presumably make the runoff as the secondary candidate with less than 20 percent of the vote.

    Perhaps it's time for that rumor that Deniece Davis is running to come to fruition.

    That would add even more joy to this American salad bowl of a race.

    Of course in the end Shiller will be dat's da happy fact..........

  2. Seems to me alot of unknown people are now coming out of the woods to run for the 46th ward aldermanic position. Maybe it is just me but I never heard of him or any of his plans he now wants to offer if he was elected.

  3. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the race, good luck with your campaign and great looking flier by the way.

    I love that their are so many people have been inspired to try and make changes after years of (well you know).

  4. What's with all the candidates?? Here in the 30th Ward (Avondale), we don't even have anyone running against our sorry excuse of an alderman yet!

  5. It makes a lot of sense that after Shiller announced her retirement a number of other people would run. The four people running were essentially all vying for the anti-shiller vote. So, there was a market for people to come in and try to capture the Shiller vote. I think, however, that although the pro-shiller vote would have been about half the ward had she run, many of those people are not going to vote, so these new candidates, and the ones likely to come, are going to face an uphill battle. I do think it reduces Nowotny chances of winning, since he was the only one of the original four that had an appeal to the pro-shiller voters. I think the presence of these new candidtes help Phelan and Cappleman. It also creates a number of power brokers though, for what now will inevitably be a runoff.l

  6. For a guy with so much campaign experience, one might think using the Chicago flag as the backdrop would have been the better move.