Sunday, September 19, 2010

47th Ward Newsletter Highlights Anna Maria Pasteria

From the 47th Ward email newsletter, which gets sent out each Friday:

"Every week, Alderman Schulter Reports features one of the many local businesses that makes our community so unique. To nominate a business to be featured, email us at

This week's featured business is Anna Maria Pasteria, located at 4400 North Clark. Anna Maria Pasteria offers a mix of modern and traditional Italian cuisine, their cozy ristorante has long been a local favorite. Sisters Anna and Maria, originally from the Basilicata region of southern Italy, first opened the doors of Anna Maria Pasteria in 1989. Anna and Maria continue to dedicate themselves to the finest home-made Italian cuisine and service. Each entree is prepared to order with only the finest and freshest ingredients. It is their desire to make your dinner at Anna Maria Pasteria a delight to your palate and a happy and memorable dining experience.  For more information, please visit "


  1. I have always enjoyed reading my previous alderman's newsletters. It's always full of information that's actually related to the ward, especially with spotlights on local businesses. I dream of the day our ward can send out such such useful information and in an organized format as the 47th Ward's newsletter.

  2. One of the few "upscale" dine-out places in the immediate vicinity; hope they can maybe work out a deal with the new theatre re: parking.

    Street parking is a poor substitute what with the Clark St. renovation work and the heavy traffic on weekends.

  3. Great place...the warm chocolate cakeis among the best cake I have EVER eaten!

  4. I use to live across the street from this place! oh how I miss going there (and my old apartment)