Thursday, August 19, 2010

Woke Up, It Was A Chelsea Awning...

We noticed last year that the historic wrought-iron(?) cast-iron canopy that had been in front of the Chelsea Hotel (now Friendly Towers) at 920 W Wilson for many years was being removed.  It made us sad, as it always does, to see remnants of Uptown's glory days get carted away.  At the time, a reader mentioned in the comments that the city had required its removal for safety reasons and that JPUSA hoped to replace it.

Earlier this year, the bricks where the canopy was removed were tuckpointed, making us wonder if the canopy would be returned to its traditional home.

This week we see that a handsome new copper soffit is now in place of the old iron canopy.  Very nice.  Not on the same grand scale as its predecessor (and we'd love to see it return someday), but a worthy successor.


  1. If a new cover was added to the awning it would have been much better then removing it. Now you have a beautiful copper soffit for now. Give it a year or less and see the soffit turn tarnished green staining the bricks below.

  2. Wow. A JPUSA posting that is not a slam on JPUSA. (Not ripping/passing judgment on UU or JPUSA, I was a little shocked!)

    Looks nice.

  3. Dang, and to think that I thought the first picture is what they were putting up, not that little copper gutter like thing. Blah, I liked the original design and grandeur better.

  4. That green stain is patina ... like The Statue of Liberty ... people pay a lot of money not to have to wait out the weathering ... but I agree with you, copper looks better, the original structure looks best!

  5. Hey, the copper addition could not have been cheap! Great that they didn't just brick it over!!!

    Better than the Sheridan Plaza who, instead of cleaning their terra cotta facade is...PAINTING IT!!! I couldn't believe it. What a crime!

  6. The copper soffit looks more like a pencil moustache ...

    I've seen vintage 6-flat condo buildings (on Belle Plaine west of Broadway for example) that have replaced their tin soffits with more copper than this little foil ... which is exactly what it is.